Tara Reed: A millionaire who built an app without knowing how to code

Tara Reed is a young art collector. She knew nothing about coding yet she is a millionaire after building an app, Kollecto. The objective of building the app was to give people affordable access to their own personal art buyer.

How did the journey start?

It all started while staring at a wall. She was inspired to build the app through a personal frustration. According to the entrepreneur, people tend to go to Spotify for music, Netflix for movies and Amazon for books etc. However, there isn’t any single platform to get recommendations on cool visual art for the walls.

“I’d started to get interested in fine art, and it struck me how annoying and labor-intensive it would be to find art I liked for my new place. “For food, music, fashion, movies, I could just tap an app and get a personal recommendation. But the fine-art world hadn’t caught up to that”

As a result, she launched Kollecto.


“A lot of people get stuck trying to build the perfect thing, but being scrappy and not coding a full app meant I could move faster, and I wasn’t afraid to make changes”

Surprisingly, Tara Reed developed the application without writing any code. Instead, she built the app on Bubble.

“At first I thought it would be more service-based, like video-chatting with an art adviser, but I overestimated how comfortable my customers would be talking about art. You know what you like and don’t like, but that doesn’t mean talking to a professional isn’t scary”

Kollecto: Amazing art for your walls

Kollecto brings you tailored art recommendations you will love – without the $10,000+ budget or excessive hourly rates charged by professional art advisors. Based on your unique taste and budget, you will receive a handpicked selection of original and editioned artworks by amazing established and emerging artists every week.

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With Kollecto, there is no need to spend hours on the Internet for the right art at the right price. Their sophisticated technology does all the research for you. In addition, it searches hundreds of art sites for the artists, genres, and styles that you love at reasonable prices. Rate the art you like and Kollecto will get smarter about your taste over time.

Tara also rendered her services for Microsoft and Foursquare in their marketing department. She didn’t know a thing about coding.

Concluding thoughts

Building an app without a code is very much a possibility. Tara Reed concluded her thoughts by giving a piece of advice to all the budding entrepreneurs:

“When people ask me for advice, I tell them: Get going. Chances are, you’ll have something wrong, but you won’t know until you test those assumptions with actions”

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Source: Entrepreneur

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