Technology Incubation Center: UET, Peshawar

TIC Application ProcessTIC Application Process

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of incubators in Pakistan. This push to encourage entrepreneurship has been led not just by private institutes, but also by the government and universities that have opened incubators within their campuses.

The University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, has a Technology Incubation Center as well. The center’s objective is to help increase economic development and job creation via technology incubation at the Technology Incubation Center (TIC). It does this by offering support services to entrepreneurs who are starting or running a technology related business. It also helps faculty and student obtain Intellectual Property Rights, and helps them commercialize their technology.

Facilities Provided

Incubators are known for providing not just support services and mentorship, but also facilities. The Technology Incubation Center is no different. It provides office space with phone and Internet connections, meeting rooms, seminar rooms and video conferencing facilities. It also helps promote the startup by linking the website to their own webpage, helps them make business plans, get Intellectual Property rights, and helps them in getting loans and grants.

Success Stories

The Technology Incubation Center has a few success stories:


AppFactor is a software consultancy that offers software solutions. It primarily focuses on the international market. Started in November 2010, AppFactor is currently focusing on mobile applications but hope to expand to desktop applications as well.

Horton’s Den

Horton’s Den, from what can be gathered via the TIC website, is a collaboration between computer professionals who provide web solutions and software development to their customers.

TIC also has a number of technical projects that have been completed by faculty and students, and are now ready for commercialization. These include

Sugarcane Planter

This product will help increase sugarcane yield through mechanized farming, allowing for more land to be cultivated.

Low Cost Sand Filters

These filters aim to help increase the amount of safe water available for drinking in a low-cost manner.


Watersoft is a water management software that will help design and estimate costs for different water management structures.


Dripsoft is a trickle irrigation design software.

Synthesis of Magnesium Sulphate

This innovate process can help synthesize Magnesium Sulphate from Indigenous Magnesite Ore. Magnesium Sulphate is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Electronic Digital Engine Temperature Monitoring System (EDETMS)

Currently, the engine temperature monitoring system is not as efficient as it could be, and this Electronic Digital Engine Temperature Monitoring System aims to improve that. It currently has a patent pending.

How to Apply

TIC Application Process

TIC Application Process

The application process for the Technology Incubation Center is detailed on the website and seems straight forward enough.

  1. Application submitted by potential incubatee.
  2. Potential incubatee makes presentation to selection committee. The selection committee includes the Vice Chancellor, Director of TIC, and other staff members.
  3. Applicant and TIC work on a business plan with milestones and objectives
  4. Selection committee reviews application and plans. They select the plans they are interested in. The feasibility needs to be submitted by applicants chosen within 20 days of presentation.
  5. Contract signed between Technology Incubation Center and incubatee.

The Technology Incubation Center may not have a lot of success stories, but it has clearly laid out application procedures to interested parties on their website. This is a great first step in encouraging potential entrepreneurs to apply and start their own businesses. They could, however, do a better job with marketing themselves, and success stories their already have. They should also list out the mentors, if any, that help their incubatees, as that is a large part of the incubation process.

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