Meet TechTV – Pakistan’s First Science And Educational Web TV Channel

Developed nations across the globe have realized the importance of online learning tools – web channels, websites, and other resources – that can either be a part of the classroom curriculum or standalone tools for increasing learning amongst students, and even adults. Ranking in at 180 out of 200 countries in literacy, no other country needs to do more about making educational tools easily available to it’s growing population than Pakistan. Unfortunately, the government has had trouble focusing on this key development indicator, but private institutions have started to take the reins in making science and technology education available to the masses – for free.

What is TechTV?

The result of a collaboration between Pakistan Science Club (PSC) and Technology Times, the Beta version of TechTV was launched was in 2013.

At the launch, Chairperson PCST (Pakistan Council for Science and Technology)  Prof. Dr. Mudassir Asrar said,

“The main objective of this web TV is to promote scientific culture and the youth’s interest in science, technology and innovations. The channel would also popularize science for laymen and students, seeking to cultivate the spirit of scientific inquiry and the love of learning in its audience. TechTV.Pk will cover all events from Pakistan, related to science and technology educational activities. It will also offer free online courses of web application development, DIY projects, project management and other science and technology topics”.

That neatly sums up the vision behind this excellent initiative to increase scientific education in the masses, while increasing the interest the youth has in science as well.

Addressing a Growing Need for Educational Programming

With YouTube blocked in Pakistan, the youth can no longer access the hundreds of technology based educational channels on the website. TechTV not only targets a gap in current Pakistani programming – which is heavily focused on news and family dramas – but also attempts to fill the gap left in online educational programming since the 2012 YouTube ban.

As a developing country with over 55-percent of it’s population under the age of 24, Pakistan has a growing need for a focus on educational channels that focus on science and technology if it hopes to increase technological understanding amongst this young population that will enter the job market in the coming years. With surprisingly little technological information being imparted at the school level, TechTV fills this gap by providing access to a large amount of information, via easily available videos on a vast array of topics via it’s online portal.

The creators of the channel hope to increase in general public awareness about science and technology, increase the literacy rate, popularize science and technology among viewers, and turn knowledge into job opportunities.

Programming on TechTV

With shows like Battle of Science, Math Magic, Physics Ki Duniya, Science Quiz, Telecom Debate and Green Tech – the channel covers a large range of topics to attract a diverse group of viewers.

Having attracted a growing viewer base since it’s launch in 2013, TechTV hopes to add more programs that will target students, and adults, and hopes to bring on science and technology experts to help with innovative ideas for future programming. Hopefully they will also work on their website, which is visually unappealing, and not easy to navigate, as that will help attract more visitors to it.

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