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The Entrepreneur’s Handbook: Top 10 Business Tools in 2016


2 months ago


Hello, new generation entrepreneurs! If you’ve been trying to run a successful new start-up over the past few years, you’ll know that technology means a whole lot when it comes to saving time, effort and cutting down on costs.

And when you find a tool that helps make your life a little bit easier, what could be better than that? Maqtoob – the platform devoted to providing business tools that make entrepreneurial endeavors a little bit easier, has released its list of the 10 most popular business tools in 2016.

Let’s see what tools have the entrepreneurs relied upon the most for success in 2016:

  1. Canva:

Still short of funds? Can’t really afford to invest in the expensive designing softwares that seem to be the need of the hour if you want to attract people via your impactful images? Worry no more. Canva is a designing tool that can take care of pretty much all your design needs. A lot of features on the website are available for free, however, like all good things, you still have to pay for some. Of course, Canva’s costs beat the costs of design software and equipment any day, especially if you’re not really in the mood for anything too fancy.

  1. Moqups:

Have an idea about what your product will look like? Don’t have the resources or knowledge to execute your prototype? Don’t worry because Moqups will definitely save you there. Moqups is a HTML5 app that can create wireframes, UI’s or mockups of applications. It lets you edit your app to your liking so you can present what you want to, how you want it to be.

  1. Trello:

Craving for an old-school drawing board? Then Trello is just the app for you! Trello is a project organizing application where you and your team can collaborate on your ideas, make to-do lists and compare notes.

  1. Unsplash:

Tired of purchasing stock-photos? Unsplash is perfect for any small business that can’t afford to spend a lot on purchasing stock photos for its designs. Even though there’s a limit of 10 photos every 10 days, Unsplash is surely a blessing for any designer looking to cut back on costs.

  1. Goodeed:

The app might be number 5 on Maqtoob’s list but it sure is tops in this author’s heart!

Goodeed is the ultimate donation app. Don’t have a lot of money but still want to donate? Just head on over to Goodeed and watch a few ads. This will help them provide people with vaccines, food, shelter, etc. In fact, your funds can be used for everything from helping to write articles to raise awareness to planting trees. Great or what?

  1. Spaces:

If you’re in the services side of entrepreneurship, it can be hard to redirect your followers to the payments page. This is where spaces comes in. Create a landing page, sell what you’re offering, let your creativity shine via this perfect platform!

  1. Typeform:

Don’t dig the Google form UI? Think it just isn’t for you? Create funky, customized surveys, polls and forms easily with typeform!

  1. Codeacademy:

Every tech-centric entrepreneurial endeavor deserves a cool website/app to offer its products and services. And now, you can make the app/website of your dreams yourself! Codeacademy is the interactive and easy way to learn coding so you can do your own thing, your way!

  1. Wave:

Keep track of your financial and accounting affairs by letting wave design your infrastructure. Wave has helped countless young entrepreneurs make sense of the number-y side of things. Until now, wave offers invoices, accounting, payroll, payments, to name a few but they keep promising and delivering more all the time!

  1. Invision:

Looking for better, faster, easier design? Invision is offering that much and more. Build mockups, design and collaborate for a better web, android and iOS experience. Transform your ideas into intimate and even interactive designs.

Now, over to you! Are there any other tools that you’ve used and found them a champion? Do share with us. Comments place is all yours.

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