TiE conducts workshop on bringing revolution in healthcare delivery in Pakistan

On Friday (25th November 2016), the TiE held a mega workshop which emphasized on healthcare revolutionizing healthcare delivery in Pakistan at Royal Palm.

The TiE is a non-profit, international organization which promotes entrepreneurship with a great number of 61 chapters in almost 18 different countries. In addition, it holds more than 13,000 members all across the globe.

The point of the workshop was to unite human services experts and professionals, pharmaceutical organizations, therapeutic foundations, the scholarly community, businessmen, social insurance startup originators and students. The workshop concentrated on new advancements in healthcare environment globally and locally and applications of these progressions for the healthcare department in Pakistan. How different new businesses and organizations are encouraging in filling the identified holes in the biological community. What are the rising patterns in healthcare industry and what are the difficulties confronted by social insurance specialists?

Speakers of the program

The main speaker for the event was Mr. Osman Khalid Waheed who is also the President of Ferozsons. He has carried an organization together with Boston Scientific Corporation, one of the world’s best manufacturers of medical devices. He laid the foundations of different organizations with German and Latin American Biotechnology organizations to give treatment to life-threatening diseases including hepatitis, tumor and lung infection. In addition, he also started work in the fields of cardiology, gastroenterology, and dermatology and brought it as a pioneer in various market sections.

The second speaker for the occasion was Furquan Kidwai, who is the founder of and is a great business visionary in building an Amazon-styled internet business in Pakistan. He propelled his entrepreneurial trip in the e-health space which has now extended to a more extensive market.

Dr. Omar Chughtai was the third speaker who is also the director operations at Chughtai lab. He believes that the utilization of innovation and automation can convey quality and accommodation to patients. Furthermore, he is acutely intrigued by the local startup biological community, especially in the healthcare field; on the grounds that these organizations will lead the following huge change in medicinal services conveyance in Pakistan.

The workshop also facilitated a board of new businesses planning to bring an astonishing revolution in healthcare delivery. Hyder Mumtaz CEO – Augmentcare; Nadir Mumtaz – CEO from Sehat an auxiliary of Apothercare; Saba Gul Hassan – Founder and CEO of SGH; Abid Zuberi – Co Founder My; Hasaan Chattah – Country Head RingMD and Ehsan Imam – CEO Marham showed up on the board and shared important bits of knowledge. The specialists shared their vision for the future and how their organization is crossing over the crevices in the healthcare department.

Official sponsors

The official sponsors of the event were Medipak and Remmington.

Fahad Tanveer was the panel moderator. He is an accomplished administration professionalist, and an energetic business visionary planning to reclassify social insurance and education conveyance in Pakistan. He is right now a prime supporter of A* furthermore an individual from Vitalis Healthcare, a counseling organization that helps identify and capitalize venture openings in Pakistan’s human services eco-framework.

Mr. Humayun Mazhar, President of TiE Lahore Chapter included that I feel that there is great potential in Pakistani healthcare services. He also stated that we cannot serve 200 million individuals through our customary open area hospitals, not even with private facilities because of the cost and co-ordinations. Moreover, we have to consider telemedicine, technology driven gadgets and web-based discussion. This will help government to infiltrate in each niche and corner of Pakistan. Additionally, he shared the future guide for the chapter.

The vice president and executive director for Mediapak said:

“Through the ages, the quest for the preservation of life, treatment of ailments whether through preventative or curative methods and the extension of life span have been at the forefront of our existence”

The discussion finished on high note with great support from other important organizations, experts, startup originators, academia, and accelerators. The gathering of people extolled the endeavors and enormously appreciated the configuration of the program.

Source: Techjuice

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