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Solo Entrepreneur? Here Are 10 Tools You Need To Ace Your Business

Solo entrepreneurship or Solopreneurship, as they’re calling it these days, is hard. Not only does the person have to deal with all the mental pressures of being an entrepreneur but also have to execute every aspect of the business themselves. This can lead to an overload of work and that’s when the hard-worker needs an arsenal of online entrepreneurship tools that helps save them precious time they’d otherwise be spending on mundane tasks.

  1. WiseStamp:

WiseStamp makes it remarkably easy for anyone to make a professional email stamp with all the information you would want to convey in your email signature. WiseStamp includes your pictures, your contact information, your websites and any other links you might want to include in your email signature into a neat little package.

  1. Workflow Max:

Just as the name suggests, Workflow Max helps you organize all you need in a single platform. You can use this app from both your computer and your smart device. It lets you do everything from handle leads to manage clients and manage payrolls, timesheets and everything in between!

  1. Zapier:

Zapier lets you automate more than 750 apps to work in harmony so you can set your own algorithm while most of the petty tasks take care of themselves!

  1. Shake:

Ever feel the need for a program that just lets you make templates for all the numerous contracts you find yourself making almost on a daily basis? If so, Shake is the perfect service for you! The free plan is pretty extensive and perfect for a young entrepreneur just starting out. Apart from this, you can subscribe to the monthly plan and customize your contracts according to your needs as well.

  1. Square:

This app is perfect for anyone who worries about the security of their payments. The company sends the interested person a hardware that attaches to their smart device and keeps 2.75% of the transaction in exchange for making secure debit and credit card payments.

  1. Adobe Spark:

If you use social media, you’ll know how important it is to gather audience on the platform. However, these days, your audience wants to look at cool visuals and videos to listen to your message. Adobe Spark lets you make stunning visuals and amazing videos even if you don’t have any prior experience of graphic designing!

  1. GetResponse:

Email marketing is still believed to be the most effective tool to spread the word about your business endeavors and lead generation. GetResponse helps you do just this for as little as $15 per month with up to 1,000 subscribers. Apart from this, there are other plans you can buy and choose according to your own requirements.

  1. Sighted:

Sighted is a great tool for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. The program lets you create invoices for your clients. The free plan is perfect for anyone just starting off as it offers you up to 20 invoices for various clients in various currencies.

  1. Portent Title Maker:

If you’re a writer/blogger or anyone who has to share their thoughts in the form of writing, you know how easy it is to get stuck with writing titles that make your written word seem appealing enough for your potential reader. The Portent Title Maker helps you generate a title based on your topic/keyword so you have a starting point about what would be the most sufficiently interesting point to build your piece from.


Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur, having a secretary would definitely be nice. But if you’re just starting out, you might not be able to afford one just yet. If that’s the case, would be perfect for you. The program sets your appointments by working with your email client and keeps track of time zones and even reschedules for you in case something comes up.

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