Top 20: Technology Websites in Pakistan

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Top Technology Websites in Pakistan are divided into the categories of Pakistan Government Sites, News and Current Affairs, Learning, Blogging, Shopping and Others. They provide a wide variety of information, downloads and resources with one commonality: they all contribute to the Information Technology and Telecommunications industries. For each of the sites we’ve included an analysis from Alexa to give you an idea about the site’s traffic statistics, rankings and engagement.

Top Technology Websites in Pakistan

1. Ministry of Information Technology (MOIT)

top 20 technology websites of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan presents all Information Technology related information through the website of The Ministry of Information Technology (MOIT). They focus on planning, coordination and implementing initiatives for the growth of IT and Telecommunication in the country. The website provides details on news and events, policies, publications and public notices in the industry. If you’ve got a business in IT, it would be a good idea to follow the site.

2. Pakistan Software Export Board

Top 20 technology websites from Pakistan

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is the arm of the Pakistan government responsible for promoting Information Technology. Their website provides information on the industry, a section for why foreigners should consider investing in the IT sector in the country, different programs sponsored by PSEB and an informative blog. Subscribing to their newsletter is a good way to stay informed of the latest from them.

 3. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)

Top 20 technology websites from Pakistan

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has the objective of enabling the province through the use of Information Technology. Their portal provides information on the latest projects, capacity building programs, services, partnerships, news and events. You can join them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest developments.

Top Technology-related News and Current Affairs Websites

4. ProPakistani

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan 

Propakistani’s website provides telecom and IT news for Pakistan. Started in 2008 they are known for publishing exclusive content. They focus on gadgets, ISPs, general industry news and apps. There are multiple ways to subscribe to their content including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

5. Technology Times

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Technology Weekly Times is one of the few websites that has both English and Urdu sections and does both very well. They’re the first newspaper that focus specifically on Science and Technology. They’re highly informative providing an overall view on all of Pakistan’s current events affecting technological developments. You must visit their Thematic Editions to get a glimpse into the history of the industry.

6. Redmond Pie

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

At first glance Redmond Pie looks like it’s being developed somewhere in the west – it’s extremely well put together. They provide news on Microsoft, Google, Apple and everything else that goes on the web. A great host of categories are covered including Xbox 360, Zune, Office and much more. You can get their latest through their RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

Top Technology-related Education Websites

7. National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

The National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) has a comprehensive website as expected from an IT educational institution. They have a great section providing information on the university itself with a significant research section. Their corporate relations and international sections are also excellent.

8.  Virtual University

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Globally, distance learning’s come a long way and Pakistan’s not far behind. The content of Virtual University’s (VU) covers everything from academic calendars, information on virtual campuses, students, regulations and much more. Academic programs from VU range from Certificates to Masters so there’s something for everyone. There’s even an Online Bookshop to purchase Lecture DVDs and handouts.

9. Addictive Tips

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Present since 2008, Addictive tips provides solutions for everyday tech problems their readers may encounter. They provide information on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Web and Microsoft Office Suite. The topics they write are suitable both for newbies and power users. Daily articles are available in your inbox which provide great tips with more on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and an RSS feed.

Top Technology-related Blogging Websites

10. WP Beginner

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

WordPress is generally known as the blogging platform for a professional looking blog with the least investment, time-wise. Wpbeginner helps you start your WordPress blog in 5 minutes and includes information on blog development related deals, a glossary of terms, tutorial videos and services for solving your blogging problems as well. Subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or RSS feed for regular updates.

11. ProBlogger Tricks

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

This one’s for bloggers who are serious about making money online. Problogger Tricks provides how-to’s, online tools, blogging tips, widgets, plugins and a guide to Blogspot. The writers definitely know what they’re talking about. Join them on Facebook to get the latest on their publications and jump into conversations about blogging and making money.

12. MyBlogger Lab


This is another website dedicated to teaching about how to become a professional blogger using Blogspot and has a blog with regular updates, a beginner’s guide, tutorials, templates and widgets. There’s a good section which helps you decide whether you should use Blogspot as your blogging medium and a list of all the guides My Blogger Lab provides. They have a newsletter which gets all the tips in a summarized format straight to your inbox.

13. MyBlogger Tricks

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Learn how to monetize your blog with My Blogger Tricks (MBT). It’s an encyclopedia of information on everything you’ll need from hosting your blog to making money. There’s a ton on search engine optimization, widgets and more. They also offer services to get your blog going and have a good download section with resources to use. Subscribe to their RSS feed or join them on Facebook or Google+ to become part of their community.

14. Smashing Apps

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

This name may say Smashing “apps” but this website essentially provides all types of tech resources. They have wallpapers, plugins for blogs, freebies for web designers and a lot more. It’s a great website to follow if you’re a regular blogger or just like to know about free things to use for your laptop, cellphone or tablet. Subscribe to their RSS feed or follow them on Twitter.

15. Supportive Hands

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Aimed solely at newbies, this website provides information on blogging, widgets, Google, WordPress themes, android apps and has a whole list of how-to’s. It’s a great website if you want to jump into the blogosphere but aren’t really sure how to get started and what all you can do.

Top Technology-related Shopping Websites

16. What Mobile

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan 

The GSM Arena of Pakistan, What Mobile provides a comprehensive list of cellphones and their prices in Pakistan. The site comes fully loaded with functionalities expected by someone searching for a cellphone including sorting by brand, price, screen, camera resolution, type of phone and operating system. You no longer have to wonder whether a phone is available in Pakistan or not – this site provides all the information you’ll need for your next purchase.

17. Hafeez Centre

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Hafeez Centre presents gadgets galore! You can find information on laptops, cellphones, games, watches and a lot more along with the basic specifications of the product you’re searching for. It’s a great portal to see what gadgets are available in Pakistan and for how much. And with their “Browse Ads by City” option you can narrow the search down to your specific area.


18. Pakistan Software House Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA)

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Pakistan Software House Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA) was initiated by software houses to create a trade association. The website gives a list of members with details on how to apply, P@SHA events, news, a gallery of related events, a host of videos, research and of course jobs. They have an RSS feed which is a great way to stay up to date on their latest events and news.

19. Wired Pakistan

Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Wired Pakistan is a tech forum for Pakistani’s in the IT industry. There are a number of General categories and tech specific ones including Technology, Telecommunications and Internet Service. There always seems to be people online to get into conversations with. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of the ongoing discussions.

20. PK NIC

If you’re looking to get yourself a domain name, PCNIC is the place to go. They’re responsible for all administration of the .PK domain name space from registration to maintenance. They can be reached via email for any questions regarding the topic.

While not exhaustive, nonetheless this is a good list of tech-based websites from Pakistan to enable you to get an understanding of the rapidly evolving IT sector.  Have we missed any of your favorites? If yes, please make sure to share them below.




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