Top 7 Startup Accelerators in Pakistan

Top 7 Startup Accelerators of Pakistan

Accelerators work differently from incubation centers. If you already have a working product or you have just started a business, and now you want to expand its value then an accelerator is definitely your cup of tea. Accelerators work towards preparing you for major milestones. There are many companies and organizations in Pakistan that are offering accelerator programs. Take a look at the following list which shows the most promising startup accelerators in Pakistan.

Accelerators in Pakistan

1. Invest2innovate

Invest2innovate is top accelerating program in Pakistan. It provides high potential entrepreneurs all the support they need in order to grow their business. From branding to customer procurement to financial and operational knowledge, young entrepreneurs will get to know everything from scratch. i2i works with Pakistani entrepreneurs: encouraging entrepreneurship and fostering economic growth. They have successfully accelerated 16 companies including famous Popinjay, 3RESTART, Eco Energy Finance and many more.

For more information and application procedure, visit their website.

2. PlanX

PlanX takes in mid-stage tech startups that already have a viable product and transforms them to the next level by expanding their business and providing them access to multiple funding resources. It is different from other accelerating programs because it does not take any equity from startups. YES, NO EQUITY. This is probably because the program is backed by the Punjab Information Technology Board. They are currently accelerating 7 startups.

For more information and application procedure, visit their website.

3. The Foundation

The Foundation is an accelerating program offered at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship. The program is for upcoming startups and provides many opportunities and services during its acceleration cycle. The selected startups will not pay for any of the services but in return they will be required to give equity of their companies just like any other accelerating program. Apart from this, it also offers a non-resident acceleration program in which young companies can avail only its mentoring and investment networking platform. The program is currently accelerating 3 teams.

For more information and application procedure, visit their website.

4. IBA CED Accelerator Program

The program focuses on stimulating Pakistan’s economy, where employment opportunities have decreased exponentially over the past few years, by facilitating startup ventures. It provides them access to investors and to a network of industry specific people. It also helps companies develop the crucial framework they need to sustain an environment for future ventures. By helping entrepreneurs establish their own enterprise, IBA CED aims to revive the economic infrastructure of the country.  They have successfully accelerated 4 companies and incubated 12 so far.

For more information and application procedure, visit their website.

5. Mini Ventures

Mini Ventures is an Angel seed fund that injects startups with the required capital to get them up on their feet and in a position where they can be profitable. They also provide networking opportunities with business and domain specific individuals.

For more information and application procedure, visit their website.

6. Peracha Organization

It offers an accelerating program to tech-related companies that have done some work on product development and are not in the prototype stage. The organization helps in scaling businesses, providing connections to market partners and customers and granting funds.

For more information and application procedure, visit their website.

7. MIT Enterprise of Pakistan

MITEP offers a Business Acceleration Program (BAP) that aims to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan by helping IT related companies accelerate their business to next level. The Forum provides them exposure to US investors and markets, leadership, mentoring and networking opportunities and also provides long term connections to MIT. For Rules and Regulations, click here.

For more information and application procedure, visit their website.

Disclaimer: As with our list of incubators, this list is not in any order. If you feel we missed out an accelerator, please let us know in the comments. 

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1 Comment

  1. Cynia Ejaz

    03/07/2017 at 2:47 pm

    Telenor Velocity is also becoming a leading a startup accelerator now

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