Top Cinemas in Pakistan

Everyone here loves a good night out on the town, and movie theatres are the go-to places for Pakistanis in search of some family entertainment. From psychological thrillers to masala flicks, superhero movies to romantic comedies, and animated treats to horror fests, our cinemas screen everything.

Below is a list of the top movie theatres in Pakistan, in no particular order. Some earned their place here due to their pricing, many for to their ideal location, while others because of their oomph factors. However, all of them have one thing in common: they make for the greatest overall viewing experience!

Universal Cinemas, Lahore

The appeal of this theatre lies in its sheer proximity to other avenues of fun and frolic at Emporium Mall, such as Bounce and the food court. When you are tired of the gluttony but also fed up of the calorie burning, this is where you go to numb your brain cells to the stress of the day and have a few hours of effortless entertainment. This cinema realizes the stress students are under, and offers a significant student discount so you can indulge in your preferred mode of escapism, without a much lighter wallet. You can watch a movie in a flat rate of Rs. 300 by showing your student card! The offer is currently valid Monday to Friday, on all shows playing on the standard screens before 5 pm. Have you ever had a better reason to skip a class?! Or an entire day of them; the offer is valid on the three hour fests that are Bollywood and Pakistani movies as well.

CineGold Plex, Bahria Town Islamabad

This is Pakistan’s first 3D gold class cinema and the seats here are the very picture of luxurious comfort. The reclining leather sofas made of soft material feature footrests fit for your royal toes, while the VIP boxes seat you quite literally in the lap of luxury. The cinema also offers the option of pre-ordering scrumptious food at the restaurant and having it delivered right to your couch for your viewing and munching pleasure. The Red and Gold lounges have the most tasteful interior, and the walls are an artist’s dream. A visit here is like a movie night and spa day, all in one.

DHA Cinema, Lahore

While DHA Cinema cannot compete on any other level with the swankier and glitzier cinemas cropping up all around, it features on this list simply for always being there; simple, no fuss and homely. From having to refuse to screen a movie because less than ten customers show up for it, to having to close down the counters because there are no seats left, turning away hordes of angry moviegoers, this place has seen it all. And that is why it will always hold a special place in the heart of Defence residents. The same regard cannot be extended to their stale salted or perpetually out of stock caramel popcorn, however.

Atrium Cinema, Karachi

Atrium is home to three screens and was the first 3D cinema in Karachi; and that has afforded it success like no other theatre in town. However, with great popularity comes great difficulty of scoring tickets. Due to the limited seating capacity and high demand, many people end up making several trips to the mall just for the tickets. Two of the halls cost Rs 350 and Rs 450 for 2D and 3D respectively, while the third has Rs 450 and Rs 550 tickets. And with these prices, the place is worth a visit!

Luxus Grand Cinemas, Lahore

The “Grand” in the name sounds pretentious but it really is an apt use of the word. Located on the second floor of the Luxus Grand hotel, the posh atmosphere and nice ambiance is carried all the way into the theatre. The seats are comfortable and reclining. The price for the 2D ticket is Rs. 500, while that for 3D is Rs. 450. The glasses cost an additional Rs. 150. The drawback: everything from the temperature to the cushioning is comfortable but sleep inducing. The upside: there is no need to drive all the way home, just take an elevator and book a room!

The Arena, Bahria Town Islamabad

This cinema boasts a few bells and whistles, claiming to have the world’s brightest projector and a 7.1 channel, 4-way QSC digital audio system. It also has pretty iconic chairs to lounge in outside the theatre; spherical, red and black. If you are looking to treat yourself, it also houses two VIP boxes, outfitted with six lazy z boy recliners and in-theatre snack bar, for ultimate comfort.

Super Cinema, Lahore

My review of this cinema is slightly limited in scope owing to the fact that I have personally never been able to score a ticket to any of the movies here. Be it midnight or afternoon, Super Cinema will be sure to turn you away if you, like most of us out there, did not have the foresight to grab those tickets in advance. This serves as a testament to their sheer popularity, and I suggest you drop by for a visit just to see what the fuss is about. And failing to gain entry, you can always explore Vogue Towers, where it is located, and kill time in the stores; until the next showing.

Nueplex, Karachi

Nueplex boasts five halls, with a capacity of 1100 seats in total. It also houses the three largest silver screens in the country, along with top end 4K Digital projection systems and 10,000 watt sound and automated screen systems custom designed for this particular theatre. The gold class cinema even has its own waiting lounge, along with luxurious leather recliners; and attendants on call! Cinemas 1 to 4 cost Rs 500 and Rs 600 for 2D and 3D respectively, while the Royal screens are pricier and have a Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,250 ticket. While the first three silver screens deliver the standard cinema experience, cinema 4 goes a bit further with its limited and intimate setting, while the gold class is luxury personified. The prices are a bit steep, but may well be worth it!

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