Transparent Hands is gathering online support for poor patients

Currently ranked 22nd in the world for crowdfunding projects, Pakistan is fast riding the wave that collects like-minded people through technology for a similar cause. In the crowdfunding universe, Transparent Hands, a global crowdfunding platform, directs local and international resources towards the betterment of underprivileged patients in Pakistan. The organization helps donors contribute towards the funding of medical procedures for needy and deserving patients using the web portal in an accountable and informed way.

Founded by Rameeza Moin in June 2014, the organization has helped treat more than 200 patients across Pakistan. Ms Moin, who has a background in education and management, plans to take the enterprise national and eventually expand overseas.  She has the following to say:

“As a third-world developing country, the majority of Pakistanis remain poor and unable to afford quality medical procedures. With just a little financial help, a whole family’s life can change.”

The social-enterprise platform screens for worthy candidates requiring the financial crowdfunding for surgical cases. Cases are first registered with the organization. They are verified through detailed examinations and follow ups with liaising doctors and hospitals. The patients and cases that pass certain criteria, are thereafter, listed onto the Transparent Hands website, where donors can take a look at the medical requirements, urgency and associated costs in order to decide which cause to fund. Donors may then transfer funds to Transparent Hands using an easy online payment platform. A campaign closes after it meets its target amount. The medical procedure is booked and Transparent Hands pays the hospital directly. The organization strives hard to ensure complete accountability by keeping everything above board and by regularly updating donors of the patient’s status.

“We are a cause-driven company that makes donations easily accessible and transparent. Our aim is to use technology as a platform to connect billions of donors around the world who want to make a difference in someone’s life,” adds Rameeza.

With a chapter each in Pakistan and the US, Transparent Hands hopes to instigate support and encouragement for patients who are battling for their lives. In this regard, motivating and mobilizing funding both locally in Pakistan and within the expatriate community abroad becomes crucial.

In a poor country like Pakistan there are many people who need help. You can find their cases on organization’s website Patients List, some are more critical than others. Donors can directly contribute to these running campaigns through an easy online payment system or there are also other options available for making a contribution which includes cheques, credit/debit cards and cash deposit. Thereafter, they are kept informed on the patient through regular updates, till the patient makes their estimated financial requirement, with further updates pre-operation and finally, post-operation.

The petitions range from the young to the old, and cover cardiac, pediatric, ENT, kidney, gynecology, orthopedic and general surgery cases. The total amount to be raised in Pakistani rupees is under three million, where even a small contribution goes a long way towards changing a life. The ripples of that generosity are felt not just on one person but through a whole family.
The best thing is that there is no compulsion to the donation amount, one can donate as minimum as 50 rupees or can donate for the whole campaign depending upon his/her ease. The donors can support the campaign through zakat, charity or by simply spreading the word and inviting others to view the cause at Transparent Hands. This is how you can help a poor patient online.

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