Trend of Digital Salami to Welcome 2017

With the wedding season going on in full swing, few things are a given at every wedding event: groovy music, men in suits, winter-proof women in saris, ship loads of oil in qorma and some uncle/aunty loudly fussing over how they managed to rush to the function and forgot the salami envelop at home!

Well, guess what?

Someone planning the wedding to the minutest detail, got this last bit sorted out as well.

Enter in the era of Digital Salamis! Yes, we’re talking QR codes and scanning and bam!



Last week, we witnessed a couple on their wedding accepting Digital Salamis by simply placing a QR code at the stage.

The idea of digital salami is novel and especially interesting in our typically traditional setup of wedding functions. I, for one, have been extremely intrigued at the discovery of such a possibility. Imagine the ease of not having to visit the bank to obtain crisp new bills, no hunt for a presentable envelop, no worries of script going awry while addressing it to the bride/groom, and no chance of forgetting it at home either!

A closer look at the wedding card offering the QR code for the salami transfer showed that the product was powered by Finja, the new entity in the payments space of Pakistan. Yes, the same fintech guru guys that PakWired reported about in July last year for having raised an impressive USD 1 million in seed capital.

Apparently the team at Finja is utilizing their resources quite efficiently towards ensuring that digital payments are the future of all cash transactions. The company, technically a start-up, aims to revolutionize the mobile wallet industry on three levels including price, process, and functionally. The founders – veterans of the tech and banking industry: Qasif Shahid, Monis Rehman and Umer Munawar – have over 40 man years of deep experience of delivering pioneering digital banking projects in Pakistan and other emerging markets.

Digital Salami, I am sure, is quite an exhibit of usability of digital-by-design financial services. Safe to say, this is just the beginning of a new era in this domain.

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