What Type of Leader Are You? (infographic)

“You may have experienced the boss who was too timid to be effective, or the coworker who seemed to be a natural at bringing people together around a project.

But what about you? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?

An infographic published by Headway Capital offers a short quiz to see what type of leader you are, and then offers tips on when to use your strengths and how to improve your weaknesses.

For example, a commanding leader can corrode morale in everyday situations, but that may be just the type of person needed in a crisis, the infographic suggests.

And though a coach-type leader may be effective at helping employees improve themselves, that same person may need to take on traits of other leadership styles when attempting to get quick results on a project.

To see what type of leader you are, take a look at the infographic:”

Text Hat Tip: Marketingprofs.

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