Ufone Overhauls CDA Management System With 3G

The cellular company Ufone, determined to break barriers of technological impediments in Pakistan, has recently collaborated with the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and has launched a 3G technology based activity management system for increasing the productive efficiency of the government institution. Ufone made the announcement today, and the project is complete.

This is the first groundbreaking 3G enabled mobile application in Pakistan, which is also aided with an equally advanced web interface to support its activities. Additionally, the Smartphone giant, Samsung, has provided mobile phones at no cost to the governmental institution CDA management for giving its support to the technological journey towards progress and development.

This application offers a technology based solution in order to help the government institution to keep a track of its employees and their respective whereabouts while working at this organization. The application will provide the employer with pictures and locations of the employees that work under it through 3G based technology. 3G technology has the potential to penetrate the depths of productivity and this time it has been designed to use for the right purposes.

This 3-G based technology application is a very resourceful tool for improving the management system, which will help CDA in creating a better work environment for its employees in multiple ways. The features of the app include assigning tasks to employee, monitoring progress and status of work, and a viewing of work activities, which would be time stamped for reference.

While addressing the attendees at the launch event, Mr. Noman Azhar, chief of Ufone financial Services, said, “This management system will primarily help CDA in time management, better utilization of financial and human resources, whereby setting a precedent for others to follow suit.” He further added, “We are working on more such innovative solutions with the use of the available 3G technology.”



At the same occasion while expressing gratitude for Ufone, CDA chairman Mr. Maroof Afzal said, “We thank Ufone for introducing this high-end and innovative management system for CDA as it will help us increase our efficiency and productivity, whereby utilizing these resources in other areas.”  He further added, “It is the first of its kind 3G enabled mobile applications and web interface in the country, while Samsung has provided these free of cost handsets to CDA management for this purpose.”

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