This Startup can help you find your perfect Umrah package

Khurram Mir, the Founder & CEO of has launched an online platform for pilgrims to book their Umrah, Hajj or Ziyarat. They have already partnered with the top 70 Travel agencies of Pakistan from Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi. The company has already been registered in Pakistan and is currently in the process of registration in USA, UK & Canada too.

What is BookMyUmrah?

Over 8 million pilgrims perform hajj/ Umrah each year and this number is expected to skyrocket to 60 million by the end of 2020. Despite these growing demand, there was not a single online platform that deals with everything related to the pilgrimage, until BookMyUmrah came into the scene.

BookMyUmrah helps address practical challenges faced by the pilgrims. It caters to both the potential pilgrims as well as tour operators who specialize in creating Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarat travel packages. Bringing together otherwise scattered information, the website allows travelers to find affordable and appropriate packages, which include accommodation and shopping alongside travel arrangements. Pilgrims can post reviews of their experiences and share them with other pilgrims.

Services for Pilgrims

BookMyUmrah serves as a platform that gives the users the ability to search and compare relevant Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarat packages, know about discounts from travel agents. It also gives you the ability to customize the travel packages according to your needs. You can get a quotation online for a customized Hajj , Umrah and Ziyarat, and make bookings online. You can even rate, review and compare travel agents’ services.

It also aims to serve as a knowledge hub where the user can know more about Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarat in general. You can create a personal profile and receive notifications just like a social network. BookMyUmrah is also an online store for Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarat related items.

Services for Travel Agencies

The travel agencies can create and customize Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat packages & receive confirmed bookings from BookMyUmrah. All the verification will be performed by BMU. They also receive referrals through BookMyUmrah integration or emails. The travel Agencies can market their portal and services through BMU’s community network and can advertise their travel companies through BMU’s premium ad space offers.

The travel agencies can also share company-branded Hajj and Umrah information using the Knowledge Hub platform offered by BookMyUmrah. They will also have exposure to a targeted customer base, as BMU’s website visitors are alreay looking for services only in Hajj, Umrah and the Ziyarat industry. They can also view statistics and reports on their profile. The travel agent can view all the statistics related to their packages like:

  • How many people viewed a particular package
  • How many bookings they made for a specific package

But there’s no commitment. There is no contract and no obligation requirement from the Travel Agencies. They can add/remove their hajj, umrah and Ziyarat packages as and when needed.


They have already taken on board some of the big names in the travel industry like Rehman Travels, Falcon Express, Universal Brothers, AlKiswa, TravelMate, AlKhair Group, Tawaf International, AlFatah Travels, Travel Channel, Century Travels, National Air Express and Al Huda.

Team Members

Khurram Mir, is the Founder & CEO, and has over 15 years experience in analysis, design and development of scalable enterprise applications. He holds an MS/ MPHIL in Computer science. He served as a Technical consultant in Bridgevine, USA and is the CTO at Anasage LLC , USA
CTO and Open-Silicon Pakistan.
Anjum Chohan, is the President of Sales & Business Development at BookMyUmrah.Pk, and has over 28 years of Silicon Valley extensive experience in Business Development, Sales & Marketing while working with Fortune 500 Companies. He serves as the CEO at Open-Silicon Pakistan and at Palmchip Technologies Pakistan.

Dr. Aun Abbas is the Board of Advisor at BookMyUmrah.Pk, and holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. He has made more than hundred technical contributions in ITU-T, IEEE 802, ANSI, ETSI and ATM. He was previously the CEO of National ICT R&D Fund Pakistan.

Mehreen Siddique is the Manager of Marketing at BMU and holds a BS(Hons) in Information Technology with extensive Marketing experience from Interflow and Palmchip.

So these guys know what they are doing.

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