Uninstalling Facebook will boost your Android phone’s battery life by 20%

Gone are the days when a phone battery used to last for days. The case is not the same anymore and almost everyone suffers with battery woes these days. Not too many people blame software for their device’s battery problems but it is among the most frequently ignored causes. Almost 99% of the users have Facebook in their smartphones. You would be amazed to learn that by uninstalling Facebook, you will boost your android phone’s battery life by 20%.

While using a Nexus 6P and Metal, tech world zone recently conducted a test about this very same issue. It was revealed after various retests that a device’s battery lasts 20% longer after Facebook’s original app gets uninstalled.

You can always install Metal (user-friendly alternative app for using Facebook and Twitter) in your android device.

Tests were found to be true

After the website successfully conducted the test, plenty of Reddit users also tested those claims. Luckily, they found the results to be dead true.

One of the Reddit users’ stated:

“Facebook messes up with RAM and is a huge battery hogger. It’s usually okay for an app to run while you don’t use it but in the case with the Facebook app, it still does even though you’re not connected via mobile data or Wi-Fi. Apps shouldn’t work like that; otherwise it proves to be futile. The main purpose Facebook runs in the background is to constantly provide notifications and better startup times”

Apparently, Facebook is better optimized on iOS than Android. The social media giant has some kind of savory relationship with Android. Facebook also admitted the memory-hogging nature of the app in the latter part last year. As a result, Facebook upgraded the app as promised but the differences were too hard to pick for the users.

They also claimed to test this ambiguity and notifying its users in due course of time by releasing a statement:

“We have heard reports of a few people encountering speed issues coming from our Android application. As a result, we are investigating this and will update you as often as possible. We are focused on keeping on enhancing these issues”

Many users would be delighted with an alternative app Metal as they can save their phone’s battery life by 20%.

Are you going to uninstall Facebook and install it through Metal?

Image credits: AndroidPit

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