Unplugged: This Maverick Technology Will Let You Charge Your Electronic Devices Wirelessly

Imagine never having to worry about plugging your smartphone in to a charger ever again or charging your electric car battery without wires and cables. What seems like a distant dream for now may soon become a reality with the new WattUp from Energous Corporation.

WattUp is a wireless charger for electronic devices that uses radio waves to charge any battery enabled electronic devices in its vicinity. The wire-free technology of WattUp aims to set the users free and lend them mobility in true sense.  Unlike the current wireless chargers which do away with wires but still require your phone to be in a stationery location, with WattUp you can charge your devices  and yet be mobile within a 30 Foot radius.

WattUp works in the same manner as a Wi-FI connection and sends energy via radio frequency (RF) waves using a transmitter to WattUp enable devices. The WattUp receiver in the receiving device converts the RF signals to energy to charge the battery.

The entire system functions seamlessly with the help of its software which enables you to control and customize it your needs and devices. The receiving device would need a paired custom chip to allow wireless charging from the transmitter. The transmitter can handle energy requirements of up to 12 devices simultaneously.

According to the company website, “The WattUp software system ensures that the charging waveforms are dynamically directed, focused, and controlled via proprietary algorithms.  Charging and communication between transmitters and receivers is intelligently managed using Bluetooth Low Energy and enterprise-class wireless networking protocols.”



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