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Using Locations at Google Maps For Offline Usage

Modern navigation system is our guardian angel when it comes to helping us reach our destination. By using your data connection or Wi-Fi you can navigate your way through. But if you don’t want to get lost somewhere where you do not have a data connection or a mobile network you can use the offline version of the navigation maps.

By following a few simple steps you can use the offline version to your advantage and can travel without worrying about getting lost ever. Before heading out on your journey, you can download the maps for the area you are heading out to in advance. Make sure you download the maps for the entire region so that you can expand the routes when need be.

Steps to follow to use Google maps offline:

  • At an SD card device open menu in Google Maps app on your device
  • Tap on offline areas
  • Select settings in the top right corner  
  • Tap on storage preferences
  • Switch the storage preference from device to SD card

This will save the routes on your SD card instead of the device.

To check for the saved area while you are offline:

  • Open the app on your device,
  • Tap menu and
  • Tap on offline areas
  • Your saved areas will appear as the marked areas

There are some limitations on the offline usage. While you are offline, you will only be allowed to access driving directions, since transit and bicycling or walking directions are available online only.

One other limitation is the 30 days update on the maps. Google maps automatically deletes the saved maps after 30 days, since it needs to update the maps for its users according to the changing areas and new buildings or roads being made.

The next time you hit the road for a dead zone area, somewhere where mobile data is expensive or where the Wi-Fi connection is weak you can get most out the Google Maps offline feature and throw caution to the wind.

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