Valued US$1.5 Million Marham, a Healthcare Startup Raises Investment

“Majority of the startups working in this niche are collecting data from Google, which is obsolete and inaccurate. We are not scraping data, we met every doctor personally before enrolling them at our platform.”

These words belong to Ehsan Imam, founder & CEO of Marham- Find a Doctor. Imam’s words give an idea as to why Marham, the digital healthcare startup, has been able to raise an investment at a valuation of $1.5 million! The investment came from a local venture capital investor Mohammad Khan, a well-known seed investor based in Peshawar. Khan has been extremely impressed with the business idea, mission and objective of the digital healthcare platform. This significant investment came after the digital healthcare startup launch a revamped version of its website.

‘Marham’ as the name implies – means cure, and the startup is focused just at that!
Marham is a digital platform that allows users to search for doctors, book appointment, leave feedback, find health experts and to check health related updates at the blog section; all within a single platform. Starting from a simple website, now Marham has its app presence on Android and iOS platforms as well.

Software technologies, smartphone applications, online marketplaces and data analytics are established practices that the global healthcare sector is only now embracing. They are keys as healthcare seeks to become more efficient and patient centric.

Marham’s visionary approach helps transform the way we use healthcare services here in Pakistan. It is hoping to make a dent in old healthcare system by becoming the most insightful, trustworthy and user engagement healthcare destination.

Expressing satisfaction over the investment deal, Ehsan Imam, Founder & CEO of Marham said the investment is more than enough to sustain and scale in the next 15 months. However, the exact investment amount remained undisclosed to the media. Mr. Ehsan explained:

“We didn’t see it (investment) coming. Mohammad Khan (the investor) read about us on the internet and approached for a meeting. One thing led to another and we signed up the investment deal at the end of a few meetings.”


Techjuice has reported Imam further opining:

“Marham has now got in a good shape. Automation of appointments will be a relief for doctors and patients. We are using notification service to keep the doctors and patients informed about their commitments. It will save a lot of time at both ends.”


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