Warid says: “We are worth the wait.”

The formal announcement for the rollout of its next generation mobile broadband service, also known as 4G services was made by Warid in October. Their loyal customers waited rather impatiently  to join the rest of the their counterparts in the world of high speed internet and we think the wait is nearly over.

The market and critics kept speculating how soon will be soon but have no fear Warid is finally ready to jump from 2G services to 4G technology very soon. The company has already completed the internal trial to test the network capacity and service reliability and is now conducting public trails for 4G LTE.  According to our sources, Warid is offering 4G LTE trials in six  cities including: Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad , Gujranwala and Rawalpindi. The trials have started with postpaid customers and are free of charge, as they were with all other teleco’s.

speed-testThe company has already started delivering free 4G LTE SIMs to its customers who have 4G LTE enabled handsets. While this seems very proactive on Warid’s part, a major reason for this action is to prevent number portability to active 3G/4G networks.

Warid says they were worth the wait and in one way I couldn’t agree more, the company is known for its commitment to product quality and while their launch is late, they have partnered with Ericsson to for its network solutions which is likely to ensure that once this product is out in the market it will be steady, stable and reliable.  Interestingly so, the commitment to quality has always been the company’s USP and the reason why it has a smaller but extremely loyal customer base.

This news is exciting for Warid subscribers more so than anyone else. The industry on the other hand will be more interested in release of pricing plans and bundle options to analyze Warid’s  position on the industry map.

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