Watch Out: All You Need to Know About the Apple Watch Launch Event

Ever since Apple put its hat in the ring with the announcement of the Apple Watch, fans have been waiting with bated breath for its launch. Apple finally announced April 24th release date for Apple Watch, its most ambitious foray yet in wearable technology.  Tim Cook, the CEO of the Cupertino tech giant said, “Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created. It’s not just with you, it’s on you.” After months of speculation, the smartwatch from Apple will go on shelves.  What it does for Apple’s fortunes is yet to be seen but in more ways than one it will define the future of wearable tech and the direction it will head into.


The watch is a step in the right direction blending fashion with technology, with a range of dials, customizable bands and made from steel, aluminum and gold. The prices would range between a few hundred to upwards of thousands of dollars depending on the model. The smartwatch is Apple’s first entirely new line of product since 2010 when it released the iPad. It’s a gamble on more than one front for Apple, and only time will tell if it’ll live up to the hype.

We bring you more details from the event held yesterday in San Francisco:

  1. The Apple Watch is Coming on the 24th April

Apple-Watch 5

With all the details about the Apple Watch already out in September during the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 plus; now we also have the release date of April 24 for it. The watch will come in three models –

  • The Sport with rounded anodized aluminum is the cheapest at $349 for 38mm and $399 for 42mm watch.
  • The stainless steel Apple Watch will set you back by $549 for 38mm and $599 for the 42mm model.
  • The Apple Watch edition is the 18k gold version and starts at a whopping $10000. About the same price as the Omega Seamaster, this wouldn’t require any software updates and is already a timeless classic.

The preorder for the Watch starts April 10th and the same will be available from April 24 onwards.

  1. Third Party Watch Apps 


One of the most awaited aspects is also the kind of apps that the watch will have. Also, how the popular ones will change, to fit in.  The developers have had access to watchkit tools since November last year and they have showcased an interesting array of applications that will assist you from hailing an Uber ride to automatically opening garage door. Here’s a roundup of some interesting Apps from the launch announcement,

  • Instagram : The photo sharing social networking has a comprehensively well designed app for the watch. Just like the phone app, you’ll be able to surf through the timeline, look at pictures and like them from the watch.
  • Twitter: The twitter app for the watch will let you see your activity, timeline and what’s trending.
  • Uber : You won’t have to flip out your smartphone to hail a cab anymore. You can request a Uber ride straight off your watch and Uber will send notification directly to your watch.
  • W Hotels : Your watch will double up as your entry card and let you enter your W hotel room.
  • : One of the apps to set your mind free of worries for your home security. The app on the watch lets you monitor your home, look at the security camera feed and even open the garage door once you arrive home.

 3. Ultra-thin Macbook is Here


While the major focus and excitement centered on the Watch, Apple also launched the hyper minimalistic Gold Macbook. Unlike its predecessors which were MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, this one’s just called the MacBook. The ultra light 12-inch Retina weighs less than two pounds. The new MacBook comes with redesigned keypad and trackpad. Also improved is the gesture control and haptic feedback. The new MacBook sports a stripped down connectivity with just a USB-C connector port and a 3.5mm audio jack.


It will be available in Space Grey as well apart from the Gold version which was unveiled at the event. The new MacBook will be available from $1299 from the 10th April.

  1. HBO Now on Apple TV


An unlikely and expected announcement at the launch event was HBO announcing its plans to cut the cord and have a channel on Apple TV. The streaming service will start this April. So, Game of Thrones fans rejoice, you will now be able to watch the battle for the iron throne streamed right to your Apple TV device. The service will cost $14.99 a month with the first month free of cost.

  1. CarPlay Drives In Style


CarPlay which is Apple’s answer to the much hyped Android Auto unveiled at last year’s Google I/O, would be making a grand entry this year. According to Tim Cook, the CarPlay is progressing well and would be on display in over 40 new car models this year. With nearly every major manufacturer signed up, CarPlay is set to make your drive smoother in days to come.

Final Thoughts

Apple Watch will come with not just gorgeous good looks but will also have technology to make it a worthy contender of the top spot among the wearables. Features like voice assistance with Siri, NFC and Glances to quickly show you notifications are sure to win consumers and experts alike. A lot is riding on the success of the Apple Watch, not just for Apple but also the wearable technology itself.

Images : Apple

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