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Website Review: Pakistani.pkWebsite Review: is a business listing and product review website for Pakistani audience. The site aims to be a one stop shop for all essential and lifestyle related products and services. Even though the site has been registered a while ago, it’s developed and moved rapidly in the last few weeks, both in terms of content as well as traffic it has received. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the website and various aspects of it in detail.

UX Review

A quick review of the user experience of the website raises several issues and concerns.

The Homepage

A good homepage for any company should be clear about what it does and what can people expect from the website. Unfortunately it is not the case here for There are some listings of electronic gadgets mixed with hotels which are very confusing. The “Top Rated” section lists some restaurants while on the right hand side the “Top Brands” section lists the logos of some top technology brands. The blog list also mixes up varied subjects with no visible categorization. Also, there is no “About Us” page to explain the business. So there is absolutely no way of knowing what it stands for, who runs it and what are its mission and vision. For that matter, it does not also have other essential pages such as “Contact” and “Terms and Conditions”, thus making it very vague and opaque.

Product Pages

The product pages are relatively well designed. They contain technical details and space for user ratings and feedbacks. Although, for a lot of products there are no reviews and many of the categories are empty. However, the review and rating form for the users is well designed and easy to use.


The main menu at the top is well categorized and it is visible in all pages. It is easy to navigate in and out of different categories. However, it can work on and develop more useful quick link areas with categories such as favourites, best sellers, and best reviewed etc.

Page Design and Typography

While the font used here is not distinctive, it is legible and functional. But a lot of work is required as far as imagery of the webpages is concerned. The images used here are very small and low resolution in size and so are not likely to attract the attention of the visitors. Also, there is only one generic image for every product. Modern websites nowadays provide 360 degree view of products from all angles to provide a clear idea. Similarly, amount of content is minimal in every page. In this day and age long, in-depth content is valued more by search engines and this website is lacking the same at the moment.

The Blog

The blog, which is a separate subdomain, is comparatively better designed with more legible formatting, use of bigger images, social media buttons and tags. In fact the product pages should draw from these elements.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Apart from the user experience, it is also necessary to make the website acceptable to the search engines. There is a lot of scope to improve the SEO of this site.

• Firstly the title of the website needs to improve. It is not clearly saying anything about the business. The limited space available here should be completely utilized.
• The pages are completely lacking meta-description as well as meta-keywords. It must be done for each and every page including the homepage.
• The content is also not using H1 and H2 headers. That is why longer contents with sub headings are necessary. Important keywords must make it to the headings.
• Distinguish the major keywords with strong and bolds.
• As mentioned earlier, Text/HTML ratio is very poor. Longer and detailed content has to be written for all the pages to correct this.
• The site is lacking a sitemap which is essential to get into the good books of search engines. Create a sitemap.xml file and also submit it at relevant places.
• On the positive side, the site seems to be compatible with mobile devices.


Based on the analysis above, the following recommendations can be made,

Page Layouts and Aesthetics

The homepage must have a clearer description of what the site is all about. Even a clever punchline under the site name can go a long way in this regard. Upper portion of the page can have a slider with large images which will provide an opportunity to attract attention to different categories by showcasing them in a more visually appealing manner. This also allows the site to include more text on the same page.

Content Length and Quality

As discussed earlier, the site needs more content, especially the product pages. While user generated content through reviews can help if more and more people visit and rate the items, the site should also have a dedicated team for writing content. If the site is too low on content, it is not taken favourably by the search engines. Also, visitors in general require comprehensive information when they are looking to make purchasing decisions. While user generated content is useful, it cannot be controlled in terms of quality and details and so the site must also create its own content.

Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility are of utmost importance in a site like this. By having no information about the company itself or its founders or any kind of contact information, it is creating a situation where people can find it hard to trust it. The site must also include information regarding its registrations, affiliations, certifications and other such formalities applicable under the law of the land.

Customer Support

There is no way to contact the company. The contact information should not only be present but it should also be easy for people to do so. The best way is to have a visible form to submit queries and subscribing to the newsletters.


Finally work on the SEO of the site. If there is no in-house expertise, it is advisable to hire professional services for the same because it of utmost importance. Ultimately every major website gets majority of the traffic through google searches. So, there is a need to work on the meta-keywords, descriptions, titles and overall content quality of the website as explained above.

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