Latest WhatsApp Update Makes Life So Much Easier For iPhone Users

In its latest update (2.17.1) for iOS, WhatsApp has come forward with a feature that lets iPhone users send messages even when the internet fails them.

Following features are a part of the latest WhatsApp update for iOS:

Line up Your Messages Offline

All the iPhone users have, at one point or another, been subjected to the loss of sent messages instead of getting them delivered to the recipient, due to weak internet connection. However, that is not the case anymore courtesy WhatsApp’s latest update for iOS.

The newest update will enable iPhone users to queue up their messages offline. It means that if you send anyone a message on the instant messaging service without an internet service then your message will be delivered to the recipient as soon as your device will be connected to internet. This option is already available for Android users.

It is pertinent to mention that iPhone users had to resend the same message to the user in case of the weak internet connection. The option of ‘send’ button was not available earlier and a user had to take the pain of punching in the messages manually again once the internet was available.

Sharing Up To 30 Pictures At Once

It generally becomes difficult to send a bulk of pictures to someone over WhatsApp. The latest update for iPhone users will empower them to share up to 30 pictures all at once. Formerly, the limit of sharing images was mere 10.

Clearing up Specific Data

The last update which WhatsApp rolled out for iPhone users is that they can remove specific data which is consuming a lot of device’s storage. Earlier, a user was able to see how much storage each chat generally occupied. The latest update will enable you to remove all the unwanted chats from the list to help you get more storage. In addition, a user can also erase certain message types like videos from particular chats.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging service with over 1 billion active users. The application is used widely across the globe. It lets users share messages, images, videos, GIFs, documents, voice notes etc. It keeps on rolling on different updates from time to time to give its users a worthwhile experience.

iPhone users update the application from the App Store by clicking here.

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