When you are short of words, you’ll be full of (Pepsi) Emojis

Living in an era which is predominantly technologically-oriented can be difficult at times yet exhilarating especially when your loved ones are not around. You can talk to them at any time, from any location via just one click. It is indeed amazing, isn’t it?

Usually when words fail to express, emojis are there to help an individual out. In the case of two individuals talking to each other on Watsapp or any other platform; whenever they will fall shorts of words, they will use Emojis. From red roses to hearts, smiley emoticons to angry emojis, you will have it all.


Every brand takes Emojis very seriously and so it should be as it has become an integral part of our lives. When Pepsi identified this opportunity – the need of Emojis – they tossed down a gigantic and enormous Emoji #SayItWithPepsi social media campaign some three months ago in Canada that got instant hits among the consumers.

Through visual advertisement in June, Pepsi Canada helped a guy to propose his loved one with the help of Emojis without the help of words. The commercial got hit in absolutely no time among the consumers since it was all about sentiments, feelings and emotions.


Pepsi also released customized Cans and PET bottles with expressive emojis to encourage people to share their own stories by Saying It With Pepsi. Pepsi also released special 35 character #PepsiMoji keyboard (available for iOS and android) with emojis styled like its logo, along with cans and bottles featuring smiley faces. Admittedly, Pepsi did manage to come up with some innovative and progressive emojis as compared to other brands.


Pepsi is now expanding Emojis #SayItWithPepsi campaign to USA and Thailand following their significant feat in Canada. It is not too difficult to predict that the Pepsi campaign is going to get a lot of hits in USA and Thailand and who knows these campaigns might even outshine Canada. Only time will tell.

See where the #PepsiMoji story began:

Undoubtedly, it will have a lasting impact if Pepsi Pakistan can bring the same expressive Emoji #SayItWithPepsi campaign to home. Do you agree?

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by PEPSI.

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