Why should you invest in SMS marketing?

If your phone were to buzz with the ‘1 new text’ notification right now, we’re sure you’d reach for it right away.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’re bound to at least preview a new text at least once due to any number of reasons ranging from ‘what if it’s someone I know’ to ‘what if this is a deal I can’t miss out on?’

Even today when Smartphones have almost completely replaced older, analog phones successfully (at least in most areas), people still look forward to receiving and send and receive millions of texts everyday.

So if you’re wondering why this medium is suited for YOU, read on:

1. It’s Permission-Based:

People need to provide you with their phone numbers before you can start texting them. I know I’ve never felt sorry after receiving a text from my favorite beauty supply store or even an alert to the Daraz Black Friday sales. Why? Because I asked for it and I’d like to know what new deals are going on in my favorite circles before the rest of my friends get my hands on them and I risk running out of my favorite stuff!

2. Everyone Reads Texts:

Okay, almost. But according to this survey, 90% of all texts received are viewed between the first 3 minutes. That’s some powerful statistic right there. And the rest is for you to decide.

3. Texts are To-The-Point:

Text messages are to-the-point. They have to be. A standard text message is about 160 characters long and that’s what you should aim for. Unless you’re aiming for even less characters which is even better. When you’re texting, you won’t copy-paste your whole 1000 word brochure into the text box. Instead, you’ll just say what you need to and go your own merry way which appeals to your customer more than the flashy, superfluous terms on your other ads. Seriously, less is more when it comes to texting.

Of course, when it comes to advertising, you can come off as both obnoxious as well as annoying (just like those dreaded telemarketers. Grr.) but that’s more the fault of your own message and your frequency of texts than it is of the short messaging service in general. So watch out, keep these tips in mind and may the good omens of advertising be in your favor!

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