Wi-tribe Launches Hi App

One of the leading internet service providers and ranked as no.1 by PTA, Wi-tribe launched its first-ever indigenously developed communication application, Hi App, which allows the users to interact via various options including conference calls over the internet. This app is available for Apple and Android users, and is currently available at the Google Play store in its beta version.

Wi-tribe, a local broadband company, launched the HI App that offers high quality communication and is similar to other apps such as Viber, Tango and Whatsapp etc, which was launched at the ICTN Asia 2014. According to the press release, the response of the app was very ‘encouraging’. Mercurial Minds, an application development company, developed the app.

This pioneering app is first of its kind in Pakistan where users can talk, chat, freely exchange messages, send files and communicate with other Hi App users, provided they have installed the application as well via the internet. The App offers voice calling, conference calling and other various calling options to lessen distances between users.  This App will be the company’s first attempt to step into the voice calling business.

Users around Pakistan are very excited after the launch of this App because of the fact that it is a homegrown product, and has been developed in Pakistan.

Wi-Tribe Hi App

Wi-Tribe Hi App

The beta version of the user interface is very user friendly, which makes it easy to operate it. Besides some initial technical glitches, the entire experience of using the App was amazing, and it is the right kind of technological development that Pakistan needs at this point in time. This App will give the company a competitive edge in the market and is the way forward in the tech arena.

Ali Fahd of Wi-tribe while addressing the launch event said, “It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we bring this cutting edge technology, offering smart communication solution to users of all age brackets and diverse communication needs.  He further added, “ At its current beta launch stage we urge our local users to show their support for this indigenous and innovative app by downloading and using Hi App. Your feedback and encouragement will help make Hi App the No. 1 communication app in the industry and make all fellow countrymen proud.”

Ali Fahad also stated the company believes it has done a remarkable job pertaining to the development of this communication app, but there are some issues in the app and it may take some time to become a to achieve a sophisticated solution, it’s a good start.

The amount of competition the App will encounter from its international competitors will be very fierce but the prospects of indigenous competition are uncertain at this point in time. At the same time if the App offers competitive calling rates then it might garner the potential to nullify its local competition.

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