Will Robots Put Developers Out of Their Jobs?

When we think about Robots taking over jobs, we usually think of analytically-impaired, programmable machines replacing the pencil pushers and assembly-line workers that slave away for a few dollars an hour in factories to make ends meet.

Rarely ever one imagines that robots could bite off the hand that once created them. However, in today’s world, its closer to the truth than fiction that pretty soon, robots might get developers, especially coders, out of their jobs.

If this happens, the need for human coders will be almost completely fulfilled by robots programmed to do the job much more efficiently and quickly; thus minimizing manual input required to perform menial tasks such as system maintenance, etc.

If this happens, as extrapolating the current trends clearly indicates happening in the foreseeable future, it would have a rather interesting effect on the socio-economy of the world; especially the quarters in the tech economy.

Considering the eventuality of work force employment shifting from humans to artificial intelligence, a drastic wage drop is imminent. This scenario is bound to trigger a decline in demand leading to lower investment budget for the tech industry in general.

However, industrial economists are terming this not as a depression but as a faster cycle of production where supply will not only surpass demand, but it will also keep changing on what can even be a day-to-day basis with new products entering the market almost every week.
This will, however, definitely cause a blow to the wages that will be felt all across the workforce, even at the normally secure top.

Right now, wages in the tech industry are already double those in any other industry, however, as artificial intelligence grows more developed, and machines become smarter – Nope. Not Terminator smart! Yet smart enough that HR’s hire less and less people since there are free apps for all your needs available right now – a need for human efficiency will witness a decline.

A good case study for this phenomenon is the robot ‘Junior’ which is a chess genius. Junior is programmed to learn from chess players to the point that its decade’s old code is still so good that no one can beat junior at chess. Even though there aren’t a lot of chess coders in the field, the ones who were present did lose their jobs because their demand ended up shrinking. This is what is being predicted will happen to coders today as their jobs will disappear leaving only maintenance and repair jobs open for humans.


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