You can now use WhatsApp, Skype and Messenger at once through All-in-One app

The developers are constantly creating new apps for users who prefer messaging as the meaningful mode. As a result, the All-in-One Messenger app is designed for the users to stay focused on a single app rather than switching between different applications.

A user generally likes to use Skype to talk to a certain family member especially if he is settled abroad. Messenger and WhatsApp are most preferable applications when two or more friends are talking. Slack is commonly used across offices to stay connected with colleagues at work. The list simply goes on.

Handling all these apps and constant switching between applications can be irritating and frustrating at times. The All-in-One Messenger app is designed to make life easier for users where all the aforementioned apps will be available.

The very idea behind the app is that a user would be able to use number of applications in a single app. The apps include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and many more applications.

Available on Chrome

The All-in-One Messenger app is a web-based chat client available on Chrome. It lets you use all you favorite applications at once in one place. A user can use as many accounts of the same messenger platform as he would like. A user can also get desktop notifications with one-click reply. Moreover, you can also ‘mute’ a certain messenger if it bothers you.

The Messenger supports 29 applications in one place. Some of the other messenger clients that All-in-One supports include WeChat, Google Hangouts, Telegram, Yahoo Messenger etc.

You can download this amazing messaging client on the Chrome Web Store.

Are you looking forward to chat like a pro by installing the app?


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