Young Pakistani Entrepreneur Aims for the Stars, Achieves New Milestones in 3D Printing

Farukh BhabhaFarukh Bhabha

Pakistan, the land of opportunity, has been no stranger when it comes to producing top class talented tech professionals. Time and again these exceptional talents have made a name at international stage making the nation proud.

While still a student, Farukh Bhabha is fast making a name for himself in the world of technology. It all started when Farukh worked as an internee with an organization working with 3D printers. The inquisitive lad took this opportunity to learn about 3D printing technology and it didn’t take him long to figure out the underlying concept. He was quick to identify the untapped niche that existed in the local market and decided to work in this field. Since then he has never looked back.

Schools and colleges are an ideal place to experiment with ideas. Farukh also thought along the similar lines and decided to work on his first 3D printer for thesis report. He and his group mates, spent their pocket money to transform the idea to reality, thus laying out an example for students to work on projects that yield results rather than heading for the archives. Although the first attempt was engrossing, but it didn’t quite hit the mark. Despite that, the project was awarded 2nd prize in a tech entrepreneurial competition in Punjab.

This story is about what Farukh did next. He started to work extensively on this idea and built his startup. This 23-year-old student is making great strides. He assembled a 3D printer that is four times cheaper than the 3D printers produced in the international market. This indefatigable entrepreneur has assembled three 3D printers and fourth is on the way soon. He is also working on a software to operate these printers through mobile phones.

Future Plans of Farukh in 3D Printing Endeavors

In 2014, Farukh’s creation was named the most unique and important printer at a competition organized by Ghulam Ishaq Khan University. In the future, he wants to work with 3D scanners and introduce flexible printing in the country. His work and vision reflects Pakistan’s burgeoning engagement with information technology.

Currently, he works with two employees in his home office. His designed products have captured the attention of international players. To help create an atmosphere conducive to his productivity, Microsoft has provided him a co-working space in Karachi for six months.  We certainly hope that soon Pakistan will be a major force to reckon with in this field thanks to our tech prodigy, Farukh Bhabha.

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