You’re The Boss: Self-Management Techniques When You’re Working Alone [Infographic]

Who doesn’t love working from home? For many people, working alone comes with many perks, like having a more flexible schedule and getting to work in your pajamas.

Working from home definitely has a lot of great benefits, including decreasing stress and increasing happiness. When you work from home on occasion, the benefits are obvious, but once it becomes a regular part of your routine it can be challenging to stay motivated.

While managing yourself can be difficult, this is an important skill to master, especially for those that work remotely. Being knowledgeable about the types of distractions you’re likely to encounter when working from home is the first step in creating a work from home routine that works for you. Additionally, you can take proactive steps for success, like creating a workspace that will increase your productivity and changing out of your pajamas to get your day started.

Read on for additional tips from Fundera on how to self-manage when working from home.
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