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Play YouTube Videos In The Background On Android And iOS

With audio platforms, notably Soundcloud and our home grown Patari, supporting the feature it is great to enjoy background playing. Every smartphone user in the world has wished to have the video platform YouTube to play in the background, at least once in his/her life. YouTube has become the internet version of the TV and while everyone wishes to play videos in the background, the service is only available to YouTube Red subscribers. However, you can achieve this goal by following these simple steps:

Telegram for Android

If you want to play YouTube videos or music in the background on your Android device, simply install the “Telegram” messaging app. The amazing feature that the Telegram app offers is the ability to open links without the use of another browser. All you have to do is send yourself the YouTube video link from the Telegram app and click on the link. The app will open a video player which will play your video. From there, even if you switch to some other app, the playback will continue in the background. Quite simple, isn’t it?

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Google Chrome for Android

For starters, download the Google Chrome browser. Thereafter, head over to the YouTube website and open it in the desktop version by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the app and then clicking on the “Request desktop site” button. Navigate to your desired video and play it from the desktop version of the website. You might be prompted by YouTube to allow notification access, allow the access. Now, if you switch to some other app or simply press the home button, the video will continue playing in the background and controls will be shown in the notification bar. You can simply pause and resume the video from there.

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Dolphin Web Browser for iOS

Download the dolphin web browser on your iPhone and head over to the YouTube website. After that, play your desired video. Now, exit the Dolphin Browser and head over to the control center of your phone. You can pause and resume playback from there.

Although this feature has been demanded by smartphone users for a very long time, Google has reserved it for YouTube Red subscribers. However, there are a bunch of alternatives like these to avail YouTube background play while your screen is occupied by other apps. If you don’t want to subscribe to YouTube Red, just go with these alternatives.


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