Zong presents 4G internet lab for street students

To facilitate the local street children, Zong has set up a well-organized 4G internet lab at Mashal Model School. The school is located in Islamabad in the Bari Imam area. It is a government registered charity school that operates on community funds to provide education to demoted children.

Currently the school is educating over 860 students, most of who have never even been to a traditional school before. Most of these students live in the streets and they also earn for their families.

Foundation of 4G Internet lab

Zong in collaboration with Mashal Model School built a 4G internet lab inside the school. This lab contains laptops with Zong 4G enabled Mi-Fi connectivity. Zong’s “New Hope” volunteers set up this lab in a room at the school which was not being used for a long time. With the help of other expert personnel, they renovated the whole room completely.

The refurnished room was revealed to a particular set of students at the school. A learning session was also held at the school to train students the usage of internet. Being the first interaction with the practical world, most of the students showed curiosity and reflected joy towards it.

Over the past few years, Zong has reflected its social image and has been a delivering service for its social responsibilities. By the name of “A New Hope”, Zong has recently started its employee volunteer program to inspire individuals to contribute their hours for volunteer activities. Through a brief procedure, the campaign aims to aide poor sectors of the society.

This 4G internet lab for street children is a great progress towards social enclosure. As a result, it will also enable availability of internet in all sectors of the society. Such efforts prove to serve as a promoter of social revolution and ignite a sense of hope to encourage the community.

Following is a video package highlighting the activities undertaken by “A New Hope” volunteers at Mashal Model School:

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