25 Startup Blogs Every Entrepreneur Must Follow

The idea of running your own startup is as romantic as it is gritty. It requires a lot of courage, motivation and relentless hard work to turn your idea into a reality. While it’s a rewarding experience, entrepreneurship comes with certain amount of anxiety. Those are the times you need a solid mentor and sound advice. As a founder, you can benefit immensely from the experience of those who have already been down that road. That’s where these great blogs come in!

It’s become easier than ever before to learn from industry leaders and experts through their blog.  They provide you with education that is practical, insightful and most importantly actionable. Given the accessibility, today there’s a problem of a plenty. There’s a whole host of blogs on every conceivable subject and category. We bring you the absolute must-follow startup blogs in this handy list.

Social Triggers

Many marketing gurus have constantly harped about the importance of consumer psychology in the buying process. It is Derek Halpern who tells you how to focus on the psychological “triggers” through his blog.

Church of the Customer

Started by the management consultants Jack Huba and Ben McConnell, this blog has been voted amongst the best blogs for start-ups. This blog lends an insight into the success and failures of all kinds of businesses. Learn about the dos and don’ts of doing business.


Dedicated to provide high quality marketing intel to small businesses, LocalVox works diligently to give the local businesses owner’s tips about running their trade successfully with the help of social media marketing tips.

Amy Porterfield

Small businesses are often told that the social media is powerful. However, few know how to harness that power in order to do good business. Facebook is 1 billion strong and Amy Porterfield tells you the sweet spot to turn fans or followers into quality leads.

Duct Tape Marketing

This blog by John Jantsch is a one stop shop for marketing advice across frugal channels. You can learn about tips from social media marketing to word of mouth marketing technique.

Blog Maverick – The Mark Cuban Weblog

Mark Cuban’s success story is an undeniable inspiration. Through his blog he shares valuable insights on business and financial success.

Local Visibility System

For start-ups, reach and visibility are critical. This blog by Phil Rozek helps local business to increase rankings in Google to gain higher visibility. Some extremely helpful DIY’s to get you started on the SEO friendly content!

Dane Carlson’s Blog

This blog by Dane Carlson focuses on posting business ideas and opportunities for startup enthusiasts. The blog is known to connect entrepreneurs with opportunities.

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Author and Coach Pamela Slim has created a cult-like following among startup aficionados with her blog. This blog gives you access interviews with iconic startup founders, business advice and resources to help you push in the right direction. She also conducts regular webinars and calls to share business lessons to help you up the ante for your startup enterprise.


This is perhaps the most up to speed blog when it comes to technology. Get the most exclusive insight into the world of venture capital, technology and start-ups, all under the same roof!

Pando Daily

Pando is your go-to blog for all the information regarding Silicon Valley. The founder, Sarah Lacy, has managed to get some of the best interviews on her blog to feed the inspiration-hungry minds.


Started by Fred Wilson, a thought leader in the entrepreneurial community, he is a pro at problem solving techniques and is ranked #1 on TechCrunch’s VC blogs.

NY TIMES Bits Blog

In this blog site, the extensive coverage of New York Times in the field of technology is aggregated here. All the tech enthusiasts can keep themselves suitably informed by reading this blog regularly.

Venture Hacks

A blog that is a brain child of Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant is your gospel for information on how to raise capital and the basics of starting a company.

Steve Blank

When you are seeking business advice, focus on the wide spectrum from strategies to innovation, finance to marketing, high to low. Steve Blank nails it when we walk his readers through a step by step process of “how to”.

Seth Godin’s Blog

Author of 12 bestselling books, the famous Seth Godin has taken to the art of blogging by the vengeance. He shares his thought provoking wisdom regarding business, social media and the likes through his blog for the new entrepreneurs to watch and learn.

Ben’s Blog

Ben Horowitz, the blog writer is a thinker and he thinks out of the box. He believes that CEOs are made not born. His blog focuses on how to become a better leader and tricks to enhance team management skills.

Altucher Confidential

James Altucher tells his readers how to deal with difficult people and how to master the art of multitasking. He insists that in order to be successful, you must be healthy physically and emotionally.

Martin Zwilling

He is one the most respected and highly followed advisors for small businesses. If you are the brink of starting something you can call your own, let Zwilling guide you with his impeccable advice.

Community Centred

One of the biggest challenges that new businesses face is managing people. This blog is a must read for the founders who believe in creating healthy work culture and environment. Your customers will be happy only if your employees are.


B2C covers trending topics that affect your business and customers.  It’s one of the best resources online to learn, network and establish thought leadership.


A successful company is the one that offers customer delight every single time. HelpScout has interesting articles and blogs that teach new businesses the art of customer delight.


One of my personal favorites, this blog is one of its kinds. The topics are varied and lessons are practical. Buffer blog has interesting insight into productivity, life hacks, business advice, start-ups etc. The biggest draw here is that the content is highly shareable.


Solopreneurship is on rise today and blogging has become a financially viable option. This blog by Brian Clark teaches you finer aspects of writing, getting more traffic and landing gigs that pay. You can apply these tips to all aspects of writing. Be it communication with customers or improvement of your blogging skills.


Jonathan Fields is the author of the bestselling book, Career Renegade. With his blog Jonathan provides incredible lessons about the pleasures and pains of running a startup, that seldom fail to inspire.

Which are some of the blogs that you you look to for inspiration? Did your favorite blog make it to this list? Let us know in the comments here.





  1. Nouman Nazim

    18/07/2014 at 10:44 am

    Informative. I already follow some of them. It’s good to have more.

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  3. Muhammad Sharique

    17/08/2020 at 11:34 pm

    Very comprehensive blog list. A few of them are known but this is a big list. And some blogs are really worth reading as far as my interests are. Thanks for sharing such an amzing list.

    More, i would love to read if you come up with a list of Pakistani bloggers.

    Once again

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