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3 Steps to Become an Online Shopping Maestro

With the myriad of codes, offers, and email promotions available online there has never been a better time to save money on your shopping tours. All it takes is a little time, planning, and of course, our foolproof guide to great savings. We give you the lowdown on proven methods for finding and making the best deals today!

So, how do we start?

Step 1: Know your enemy

A little melodramatic? Sure. But make no mistake, companies tend to prefer to see you pay more whenever possible. One current example of how they try to make this a possibility is the invention and development of dynamic pricing. You’ll probably be most familiar with the term from when you last made your airline ticket purchase. Ever noticed how flights seem to jump up in price following your first search? While airline prices may be one of the most commonly known applications of dynamic pricing, the strategy is being applied to more and more areas so it’s important to do what you can to prevent it from affecting your pocket. One way to do this is to always clear your browsing history before shopping or switch to incognito mode. Another method is to try different countries as your location when asked by a website

Step 2: Promo Codes!

Promo codes / coupons are the original – and still one of the best ways – to shave percentages off your final tally. Now you can search through a variety of websites that are dedicated to hosting a wide selection of promo codes for different vendors. Another way to enhance your variety of deals is to find promo codes for online shops such as Groupon. Using codes is usually pretty straightforward. For Groupon discount codes,  you simply go to your checkout point and copy and paste the code that you can find following this link, into the promotional box on the right-hand side. Once you hit ‘Apply’ your discounted total will be shown on the bottom. Usually, Groupon discount codes can only be redeemed once, so if you don’t see any changes to your total after entering the code it may be a good idea to go back and read the terms and conditions.

Step 3: Timing is everything.

They say that the secret to comedy is timing. We’re not sure if that is true or not but we know for certain that it holds true for bargain hunting. The day of the week you choose to go hunting can have a big impact on what you catch. Each item or service bracket will tend to have a specific day on which the best prices can be found online. For laptops, it’s Tuesday, for flights, Sunday. It is worth doing a little research beforehand to discover which day is the right one for the goods or services you are trying to purchase. When you couple these savings with a promo code, you’re certain to cut a chunk off of your bill and keep it where it belongs; your bank account!

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