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About Waqar Mohammad

The author is a UK based LLB Graduate. Currently running a Web development agency, has a keen interest in Web Technologies, business models and politics. Waqar can be reached on twitter handle @waqardm

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4 days ago


Any business, inevitably, will face challenges. Sometimes in one’s control, and sometimes not. These problems define a company because of the impact they have on its operations. In this article, it is proposed that, whether the problem is in your control or not, the solution most-likely is. We just have to ask the right questions….

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7 days ago


Running a business is stressful enough without having to worry about growing it. Needless to say you can’t scale your business without having to face the marketing side. Many companies will employ marketing managers, but there are many more who can’t afford such a privilege, so the weight of business promotion falls on the shoulders…

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2 weeks ago


It’s difficult to go a few days without hearing a story of a successful start-up dominating the world. We are all exposed to some sort of start-up in our daily lives, from SnapChat to Instagram and more. All this success is inspiring and generates a positive buzz. All the positivity has everyone thinking about the next…

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