5 Necessary Steps Every Pakistani Startup Should Take

Steps for Pakistani StartupSteps for Pakistani Startup

Startup culture has started growing in Pakistan, thanks to Social Media, Internet and Startup Incubators working in Pakistan to promote, aware and educate entrepreneurs, individuals and students across the country to start up something of their own.

Startups need to be nurtured with mentoring, ideas and environment that harness their skills they deserve to create the world’s next Silicon Valley in Pakistan.

Entrepreneurs and startup founders have always a list of responsibility on their shoulders to fulfill.

You’ll find out how any Pakistani startups should take a start!

But before sharing those steps, I would like you know that these 3 essential elements will play a vital role in your startup success:


Without something epic, you shouldn’t be expecting some extra ordinary results. If you dream to pitch your startup idea in an incubator pitch program, then your idea must be creative and new. People must experience awesomeness.


Without the utility and effectiveness, your product would be worthless. Bring some solution in your startup idea that makes people’s life easier and happier.


Reach and Accessibility would also measure the success growth of your startup. Find out and decide who you are reaching through your idea. Make a clear picture in your mind that who you want to reach.

Take a look on the steps that every Pakistani Startup should take:

1. Setup a Professional Website and Blog

First off, get your official website and blog ready. Both website and blog would show your professional approach towards business. Make it a high-quality, decent and professional website for your company. Hire a Web design agency or a freelance web developer for that.

2. Visualize the Global Outreach

Think big. Create products with the idea of getting accepted worldwide. Some regional and territorial concepts and ideas can also be profitable but they remain for a certain population.

Dryft is a virtual keyboard maker for tablets that helps readers to use keyboards naturally on the touch-screens. Dryft is acquired by Apple on April 08, 2015.

Shoefitr is an online service which helps customers to find out about the shoe size and feet fitness by choosing the right shoe and size for them. Shoefitr was acquired by Amazon on April 10, 2015.

3. Innovate lifestyle with Rich Solutions

Adding solutions to customers life gives you acceptability among the masses. Bring newness to the customer base and add assistance to their lives. Facebook and Twitter have turned out to be an innovation of internet and connectivity.

Meerkat is a recent example which is a live streaming app available in beta form for iPads and iPhones. It’s entirely a new concept of video streaming + social media integration, and taking vblogging into real-time video blogging.

4. Offer Ease in your Startup Idea

One of the success keys in your startup idea would be the ease you are offering to the people.

When it comes ease and solutions, customers are likely to spend some money when they find ways to save time and effort.

For instance, in Pakistan online food ordering wasn’t a common concept few years back, but websites like FoodPanda and EatOye opened up new space of food business in Pakistan. Later on, FoodPanda acquired EatOye.

Now even hotels and restaurants are looking ahead to use Social Media Profiles and Websites to get orders and make reservations.

If you want to make your startup successful in Pakistan or targeting to reach international market, then put forward the features that haven’t been offered yet.

5. Idealize the Audience

Prefer to target a certain type of people to achieve your startup goals. Startups are likely to get success when they are made for everyone or for most of the people.

Niche.co is a social media advertising platform which helps social media geeks and active people to monetize their following through sponsored posts/sharings…

As it is open to everyone who uses social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Idealization of certain type of audience means there must be a clear known purpose of the users/customers of your product/service.

Wrapping up

Are you an entrepreneur from Pakistan who wants to launch his/her startup?

Would you consider these steps before launching your startup?



  1. Arshad

    21/04/2015 at 12:56 am

    Very generic article considering its written for Pakistan.

  2. TechUrdu.com

    28/04/2015 at 10:29 pm

    Things are not easy in Pakistan yet.

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