6 Life Hacks To Boost Your Productivity

The New Year came and quickly became old. January came and went. February is well on its way out the window as well. According to one statistic, only 9% of us are currently still trying to follow through with our New Years’ resolutions.

This might suggest that maybe we’re not as committed as we’d like to think we are when it comes to keeping promises to ourselves. Hence, why not kick the demotivation as well as the immense pressure to make a big change out the window, and get to hacking your life in some easy and simple steps to make life more productive:

  1. Remove Email from Your Phone:

If you’re already working your due in the office, you have no need to have email on your phone as well. Remove email from your phone and stop checking it 10 times every hour. Try and limit work to the office. If you HAVE to check your email, just check your laptop every couple of hours. This will help you stop fretting and will give you the time and peace of mind to focus on more important things throughout the day.

  1. Forego the Phone in the Bedroom:

Try and not bring your phone to the bedroom. Charge it outside your room. Invest in other activities you can indulge in once inside your room, such as reading, etc. This will help keep you from waking up in a panic during the middle of the night and will also help you get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Delete Social Media Off your Phone:

Stop checking your notifications 24/7. Social media is making us all jittery with the need to be noticed and to document everything all the time. Delete these apps from your phone and try and limit social media use to your desktop as well. If you feel the need to check your phone during a free moment, download news apps or learn a foreign language through a website. Stop giving in to the temptation of living on the internet 24/7 and your productivity will see a boost.

  1. Stop Bringing Your Phone to Meetings:

Meetings might be boring but they’re necessary for your work. Stop scrolling mindlessly during meetings and focus on the content being shared during them. Don’t bring your phone inside the boardroom if the temptation to scroll is too strong for you to resist.

  1. Stop Writing Emails in the App:

Email apps can be distracting even WHILE you’re using them. A sudden ping, ping, ping of incoming mail can make you lose your train of thought even if you’re 4 paragraphs deep into your email. Close the app and type out that message on a word file or any other low-distraction app or program and see your productivity flourish.

  1. Stop Trying to Do Everything At Once:

Make a list of priorities for the day. What are the tasks you absolutely can’t afford to ignore? Pick 3 to 5 tasks a day and focus on those instead of biting off more than you can chew. When you focus more on less, your productivity increases and you can perform the tasks you’re focusing on better than before.

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