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Tag Archives: productivity

5 days ago


The New Year came and quickly became old. January came and went. February is well on its way out the window as well. According to one statistic, only 9% of us are currently still trying to follow through with our New Years’ resolutions. This might suggest that maybe we’re not as committed as we’d like…

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1 month ago


Striving to utilize one’s potential to the fullest to not compromise on one’s gift is accomplishment goals. However, sometimes, there’s such a thing as working too hard to the point of exhaustion. If you constantly work without a break, you’re more than likely to ‘burn out’. This state of exhaustion will not only affect your…

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1 year ago

Social Media

In one way or another, social media has formed a notable part of my everyday working life for at least the last five or six years.  Probably more.  Working with both enterprise clients and SMEs, as well as for individual companies and entire agencies, I like to think I’ve got a good grasp of just what’s…

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2 years ago


Your dishes aren’t going to wash themselves. The next time you catch yourself putting off a chore you hate, try out one of these eight ways to make boring tasks more bearable.

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3 years ago


Productivity isn’t as simple as planning ahead, making a schedule, and waking up a few hours early. If you want to be productive, you need to take a brutally honest look at your behaviors. Are you setting realistic goals for yourself, or are you aiming too high? Do you make use of the information you…

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