What Happened to Your Time? How to Prioritize When You Wear Multiple Hats

“Talk to most people, and they’ll say they’d love to have an extra hour in their days. While that would be nice, by managing your time a little more effectively, there are ways to get more done in less time—and have more time for yourself in the process. There are a number of time-tested ways to get through your to-do list faster: the Pomodoro technique, the Eisenhower Method, the ABC Method, and the Pareto Principle. With these systems, you can find the one that works best to help you focus and accomplish more.

Technology aims to ease your stress, too. From Toggl to Timely, to apps that let you access your CRM on the go, you can find apps for tracking your time, tackling your to-do list, helping you concentrate, increasing your productivity level, managing projects, and more. When you use these apps and find the right technique that works for your needs, you’ll be able to find that extra hour in your day—maybe even more. For more tips, tricks, and apps, check out the infographic below which comes courtesy of Salesforce.”

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