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7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy and Alertness at Work

Energy isn’t an infinite resource. However, there are natural ways to boost your alertness to a superhuman level. Wanna be the most productive person you know? Boost your energy and alertness at work in these seven ways.

1. Stand up.

Invest in a stand-up desk. Alternatively, you can find a counter that is high enough to serve the same purpose. There’s a counter in my kitchen that is the perfect height. Why? An upright body is more focused than a slouched one. Yogis understand this concept and it’s why they are so calm. You can use the same tool to be more focused.

2. Drink coffee.

According to science, coffee has more antioxidants than any other substance on the planet, in addition to the caffeine (energy) boost. I share this fun fact with people who judge me for my “more than a pot a day” habit. As a guy who rarely gets sick and hasn’t been to a doctor in years, I feel it’s true. Here’s a source just in case you don’t believe me.

3. Shut your door.

Bosses, managers, clients, and employees who demand you to be available at all hours are the absolute worst. “Impossible” is a good word to describe your ability to concentrate in this type of situation. Quality work demands focus. And it’s hard to focus when people are pestering you for help all the time. Shut your door for at least an hour. Ask people to save their questions for later. Alternatively, specify a different contact person during your quiet time.

4. Listen to music.

Listen to music that fires you up. For me, that’s Taylor Swift (don’t judge me). After I’m in the mood to work, I shift gears to classical music: Beethoven, Mozart, and other dead white guys with funny looking hair. It’s hard for me to write while listening to music with lyrics. Instrumental music — preferably music involving a piano or orchestra — inspires me without distracting me. Experiment with different genres or styles until you figure out what works best for you.

5. Eat a healthy diet.

“Garbage in, garbage out,” is a saying for a reason. If you eat junk food that contains sugar and toxic ingredients, you can’t be surprised when your mind ends up in the gutter. It’d be better to eat natural food with vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats. My “go-to” breakfast is an omelet with sliced pepper and onion; salad with spinach, carrot, and tomato; and a bowl of fruit. I can tell these foods invigorate me with a high level of energy. Try it for yourself!

6. Take an active break.

Don’t just sit in your car and smoke a cigarette during your break. While the nicotine might calm you, cigarettes also cause cancer and sitting won’t do anything to energize you. It’d be better to take a walk, perform a set of push-ups, or do some yoga poses. You’ll calm your mind, get your blood flowing, and come back feeling more energized and ready. Looking for workout suggestions? I wrote a book about yoga. You can also check out Yoga with Adriene for fantastic beginner friendly yoga poses you can do on-the-go.

7. Take key supplements.

Examine is a great resource for people who want to make sense of what supplements are (and are not) beneficial. Here’s what works for me (anecdotally): fish oil, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Lavender Oil, and Melissa (Lemon) Balm. Explaining these supplements in depth is beyond my scope of practice, but I can tell you this cocktail has a huge impact on my energy levels. Open the links in new tabs to learn how they can change your health in surprising ways. Some of them can even help you sleep better and combat depression, which will have a direct effect on your energy.

Could your friends use more energy and alertness at work? If so, feel free to share!

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