Slacking Night Owls, Here’s How You Can Get Successful Overnight!

Not an early bird? We understand. Early birds rise with the crack of dawn and just manage to hit things off from the moment their feet leave the bed. Night owls, however, require a little more than that. 9-5 routines are especially terrible for night owls because those brain cells just don’t kick in the morning like they should.

Here’s a little checklist to see if you’re one of the many people who are dwellers of the night:

  • You’ve tried to find different ways to stop slacking but you’re thinking you might just be genetically deficient that way.
  • You make up for getting up late by working extra, extra hard.
  • You’ve tried everything from going to bed earlier than everyone else to yoga but nothing’s helping.

If these things hold true for you, you know the struggle of a ‘normal’ routine. But here are PakWired’s 4 Top Tips for the night owl who wants to say goodbye to feeling like they’re not doing enough just because they can’t wake up at a reasonable hour and want to boost their productivity too!

  1. Organize Your Night Routine

Keep it simple. Dedicate the time you come home to right up until, say, 10 PM to your family. Don’t check your email or take any calls during this time. Give yourself the opportunity to relax and freshen up your mind for the work that lies ahead.

Once everyone’s asleep, check all your pending tasks and go creative. You’ll be finished before 1 PM and the best part? You won’t be waking up to a full inbox!

  1. Still Wake Up in the Morning

No matter how unproductive you might feel it to be, wake up early in the morning. Don’t make breakfast or exercise or do anything you don’t feel like doing but still take a few moments to look around and see what’s happening at home or in the office.

Even if you’re not the first person there, feel confident in the fact that you got so much done last night.

  1. Execute, Execute, Execute

If nights are about planning and creativity, let the day be about executions. Schedule meetings, type out emails, make calls. Hence, indulge in anything that occupies you and keeps you stimulated so that you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting time by not being productive. Plan at night, make in the day. Easy.

  1. Always Note Inspiration

Whether you’re driving or drifting off to sleep, if inspiration hits, don’t think you’ll remember it later- note it down right away. Some days you will have to sacrifice that extra half hour of sleep but it will always help you in the long-run. Especially when you’ll be able to voice out your ideas coherently in the boardroom!

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