79 Out of 100 Universities in Punjab Are Ghost Universities – HEC Declares

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has declared 79 private universities in the province of Punjab as ghost universities. HEC has used this term for universities since educational institutes are registered on paper; however, there is literally no physical existence of such institutions. Another surprising element was that some universities even have ‘ghost teachers and students’.

The universities, which are declared as ghost universities by HEC, also issue bogus and fake degrees to the students.

HEC has formed an inquiry committee to take necessary and rapid action against 79 ghost universities. Moreover, the committee will also take the required action against 4 other universities.

Federal Higher Education Commission has blatantly professed and labelled more than 100 colleges, institutes and universities as illegal in the province of Punjab.

Punjab HEC to Investigate 15 Educational Institutes

While panning out the first phase of the investigation, Punjab HEC discovered 79 out of 100 universities as ghost universities. In the second phase, Punjab HEC will investigate 15 educational institutes which are affiliated with these 79 universities.

On the other hand, several students lodged complaints from these forged educational institutes. As a result, a committee of senior vice chancellors has been established to inspect 4 private universities in Lahore only. The 4 universities which will be investigated are as following:

1- Global Institute
2- Lahore Leads University
3- Superior University
4- University of South Asia

Commenting on the issue, Chairman of HEC Dr. Nizam-ud-Din said:

“Students are not entitled to go to any college or institute affiliated with a private university for admission”

List of Illegal Educational Institutes in Other Provinces

As per the list provided by HEC on their website, there are plenty of fake/illegal universities in other provinces of Pakistan as well. However, the ratio is not as high as it is in Punjab. The breakup is as following:

36 in Sindh
11 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
4 in Islamabad
3 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Are you also enrolled in a bogus/ghost/illegal university? You can have a crack at the complete list of illegal institutes by clicking here.

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