No More Price Conversions – AliExpress App Now Provides Prices in PKR

Good news for AliExpress customers! The updated AliExpress android app now displays product prices in Pakistani Rupees. The new feature now saves you the hassle of calculating all those cumbersome dollar to Pakistani rupees conversions you had been doing every time someone in the family asked you to place an order for them at the shopping portal.

Lately online shopping has evolved as the shopping norm, and rightly so. It comes with the luxury of shopping while working at your desk or enjoying the comfort of your couch. The domain comprises of not only online deal sites, but almost every major business, brand and store now have their online platform to make shopping more convenient for the customers.

Online shopping is making its way into Pakistan, thanks to brands offering a variety of payment options in their services, as credit card penetration in the country still remains low. AliExpress is one the leading e-commerce platforms offering a wide variety of consumer products worldwide.

You no more have to rely on Google calculator for currency conversions; AliExpress will do this for you. The new feature will save you lots of headache and time and will provide a complete real-time shopping experience. It is however noteworthy that this update is only limited at the platform’s android app. No time frame has yet been given for when it would be available at their iOS app.

To use this feature, users have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap the hamburger icon on the top left corner inside the app

Step 2: Swipe down and tap the Settings icon

Step 3: And finally, tap on “Currency” and choose PKR

About AliExpress

AliExpress, run by the AliBaba Group of China, is one of the most popular online shopping stores in the world. It provides a platform to vendors, mostly small Chinese businesses and individual partners, offering services to international customers around the world at comparatively lower rates. A practice of providing free shipping in majority of the orders, is also a plus with the platform. As the leading online shopping platform, AliExpress has become increasingly popular in Pakistan in the past couple of years and it keeps growing every passing day.

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