Top 10 Most Popular Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan – 2016

Today is the day – the Black Friday.

A tradition exclusive to Americans only until a few years ago, has now taken the global retailer industry by storm. Recorded to be topping the most major shopping days, Black Friday is the ultimate busy peak for the online shopping sites. Competing well with their international counterparts, online shopping portals in Pakistan are no exception.

Since today many of us shall be looking forward to avail the host of discounts at the good online shopping sites, we – at Pakwired, thought it best to compile a fresh-from-the-oven list of top ten most popular online shopping sites in Pakistan. There have been quite a few Top Ten Shopping Sites compilations in the past, but that was in the Pre-Brexit, Pre-Trump, Pre-RaheelSharifRetirement era! Today it’s a different world and requires a new list for our shopping enthusiasts.

Currently valued at over $60 million, Pakistan’s e-commerce industry has been doubling in size every year by growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 100%. As per the trend prediction of the experts from the e-commerce sector, this growth is likely to continue during the next three to five years with the industry crossing over the $5 billion milestone in 2020.
With this relentless growth projection & internet access for all Pakistanis gradually becoming cheaper and easier, many key players have established themselves over the e-commerce horizon. Here, we shall be sharing with you only the cream of the web based retail portals.

It shall be useful to clarify that instead of basing our ranking over any arbitrary factors, we have employed our list positions based upon popularity gauged by Alexa’s Traffic Ranking. The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). The rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users.


10. Lootlo


Bearing the tagline: We Bargain, You Gain, is at number ten in our list of Top 10.

lootlo-pk top 10 shopping sites Pakistan

Founded by Muhammad Fahad Mahmood in 2013, has definitely made a niche for itself in this short a time. From electronics, to apparel, to fashion accessories and services, has evolved as a confident retailer progressing well.

9. iShopping

Hosting the tagline: Endless Selection to Enjoy, comes at number nine in our list of Top 10. top 10 shopping sites

With its head office based in Karachi, prides itself in not only creating a one window shopping solution but also for providing round the clock service to its clients. No need to be worried about placing an order at any fixed time of the day.

8. Shoprex

Holding the tagline: Shop n Save, comes at number eight in our list of Top 10.

shoprex top 10 shopping sites

Owned by the team behind hamariweb, is run by experienced individuals knowing the game of e-commerce. Promising the finest shopping experience, provides free shipment of purchased products all across Pakistan and this is one absolutely winning feature of the service.

7. Jambo pledges Shopping Made Fun, and comes at number seven in our list of Top 10.

jambo top 10 shopping sites

Launched by Arpatech Ventures, is an e-commerce portal claiming to provide the lowest prices without compromising at the product quality. With Forrun as its delivery partner, insists that we call it the online Walmart of Pakistan.

6. Yayvo boasts the funky tagline Ab Poori Qaum –, and stands at number six in our list of Top 10.

Yayvo top 10 shopping sites

Created as an e-commerce portal hosted by TCS, the service has recently been re-branded from TCS Connect to Covered by the elaborate banner of services offered by TCS: TCS Sentiments & TCS Hazir, rightfully prides in its range of products and access of delivery in Pakistan. With Yayvo app for iOS and android, they’re not taking any hostages in making the ultimate shopping experience.

5. HomeShopping now owned by HSN Ventures, had originally been launched as a zero startup capital by Shayaan Tahir.

homeshopping top 10 shopping sites

Maintaining arguably the soundest gadget section at any local retail portal, offers its clients the convenience of HSN Flex Pay. A few of the other irrefutable strengths of the portal are: its 7-days replacement warranty at smart phones and option of payment by cash on delivery. Well equipped with Homeshopping app for both the iOS and android, the platform is here to win more.

4. Symbios


Fourth in our list of Top 10 is, with its claim to be The Online Mega Store.


Launched in 2006, is one of the oldest players of the retail e-commerce arena in Pakistan. With an extravagant product range, looks in the eye to against its 7-days replacement warranty and option of payment by cash on delivery. True to its claim of being a mega online store, seems determined to redefine the online shopping experience for its clients.

3. Shophive


Another ten-years old player in the house, and it claims third spot at our top 10 list.

shophive top 10 shopping sites

With it exceptional after-sales service and customer support, has very smartly established its dominance over the gadgets and electronics segment of the retail industry. In addition to cash on delivery, installment plans and product comparability feature, provides a powerful urgent delivery service in Lahore.

2.  Kaymu a product of Kaymu Global currently stands at second position in our top 10 list.

Kaymu top 10 shopping sites

Kaymu offers both C2C & B2C platforms to its clients, which implies that in addition to selling its own products, lets the willing sellers and potential buyers to trade directly with each other. is a venture of Rocket Internet who is also parent to Lamudi, Carmudi and FoodPanda in Pakistan.

1.  Daraz


Without a doubt the largest, and sitting at the throne in our top 10 list of the most popular online shopping sites, is

daraz top 10 shopping sites

If it’s at planet earth, it’s at Yes, it’s that huge a product range they keep at The portal claims that online shopping in Pakistan has never been so easy, and if footfall and traction at the site is anything to go by, Pakistan seems to agree!
With options of payment modes, lavish product range, product reliability, and a regular practice of offering discounts, continues to be the market leader in the online retail sector.

While I personally have been a regular customer at Homeshopping and Shophive, it’d be great to learn what shopping websites do you use and why. Your feedback could help the retail companies serve you even better.

Happy shopping all!

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  2. dell

    23/07/2017 at 2:30 am

    Yavo is a really amazing online store in Pakistan i ordered lots of things and They deliver that on time

    • Anonymous

      17/10/2019 at 10:46 am

      cheers dell boy

  3. Genius

    03/08/2017 at 3:13 pm

    After daraz i suggest chase value on second number.. really had great experience with them

    • Bilal

      07/05/2020 at 9:55 am

      daraz also group of Fraud but successful fraud

  4. click

    11/08/2017 at 10:46 am

    very nice
    Yavo is a really amazing online store in Pakistan i ordered lots of things and They deliver that on time

  5. Saqlain

    20/09/2017 at 12:36 pm

    Good collection of online shopping website, if possible please include MyEBayZoon, It is one of the largest store for online shopping in Pakistan to provide thousands Of products at one stop like Health Products, Fitness Products,Beauty Products,Homeware Products, Kitchenware Products,Men Products ,Women Products And Much More.

  6. Abeer

    13/11/2017 at 1:18 am

    Interesting article thanks for sharing this i really appreciate you for this…..

  7. saqib

    04/05/2018 at 3:12 pm

    Good collection of online shopping website.And Interesting article thanks for sharing this i really appreciate you for this

  8. Ayub

    15/05/2018 at 2:50 am

    I have been a user of .I have spent over 20,000 rps on there website. Most of their items are a fake .you shouldn’t buy from there unless u have full knowledge about the item. I’m very disappointed at daraz. They lost a customer over a small product . They didn’t really care. Poor customer care service. Thank u for the list of websites .. I can’t wait to take my money somewhere else!!

  9. Malik Masood

    10/12/2018 at 8:20 pm

    Paid Article, daraz is 3rd class online store, greedy for their commissions, never buy ever from Daraz if they do not change their minds regarding their selling partners

    • Mrs. Taimur

      29/08/2019 at 4:32 am

      Daraz is pure rubbish. The team has no idea who is selling what and where. It used to be pretty reliable at one point in time. Total crap now.

  10. Jaskarandeep Singh

    25/12/2018 at 2:02 am

    Can an indian order from these websites sis?

  11. Shafeeq Ahmad

    19/05/2019 at 3:36 pm

    my experience as a seller with daraz is outstanding there team is supporting they guide how to sell,and also paid the amount on time.good to work with daraz

  12. Humaira

    22/06/2019 at 2:13 am

    The list missed! It’s awesome cuz it connects the local sellers with buyers, & delivers with 59 minutes. Local sellers don’t sell fake stuff like daraz and others cuz the customer would easily come to the shop, & deal with the seller. No waits at all!

    • Bilal Shafique

      07/05/2020 at 10:04 am

      Daraz is totally selling fake and making fool to innocent peoples of pakistan

  13. Sagheer Ahmed

    05/07/2019 at 8:24 am

    Worst experience with Daraz. I bought a lot of items from them and most of them were fake. They really don’t care about there customers. You should bring Daraz at 4th or 5th place but you may keep them in the list of fake item sellers at 2nd or 3rd place.
    I am really disappointed with them. They must need to change their business plan other wise they gonna lose their reputation in on-line market.

    • Atif

      14/08/2019 at 6:19 pm

      I think this is about the seller not about daraz. Yes Daraz need to keep an eye on its merchants but Daraz will never know who is selling fake items untill a customer approaches them with a complaint. So make a complaint to Daraz so that other buyers get benefited as well.

  14. Dr Asim Masood

    17/09/2019 at 8:49 am

    Thanks for sharing this article but sells fake products and do deceive people. No 1 should be someone with a good reputation.

  15. saif

    23/04/2020 at 3:46 pm

    Can an indian order from these websites sis?

  16. Raja kashif feroz

    06/06/2020 at 8:09 am

    i have been shopping with over 3 yrs and have spent over two hundred thousand ruppes with they did provide great service but recently they service is degraded . They have sellers with them who are thugs .they would advertise products and when you place an order with them after a day or two you will get the message your order has been cancelled due to sourcing delay . why the hack do you advertise the item in the first place if you can`t source it ? and guess what the story doesnt end here . if your order is cancelled few times even though its the sellers who cancell order due to sourcing delay you get blocked from placing the order cuz there system thinks you are responsible for cancellation of orders. i am extremely disapointed with .normaly companies start from zero and get better as time goes by with daraz it works other way around start with 10 and them take a slide to zero.

  17. ifasea

    07/01/2021 at 7:07 am

    daraz is better than others

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