Wardrobe Algorithms – Amazon’s Echo Look Helps You Choose What to Wear

Not sure how to dress up in the morning? Let Amazon help you out. That’s right, the online shopping pioneer giant is now all set to step in the world of fashion with a twist.

If you’re one of those many people who just can’t decide what to put on in the morning, Amazon has got you ‘covered’, pun intended.

Recently, the online shopping and tech giant launched a voice-operated program called the Echo Look along with an application that can compare two outfits to compare which one is the best suited.

How does it do that? The answer is quite interesting. The device uses fashion specialists’ advice alongside an algorithm that searches the latest trends online to determine which outfit is the better pick for you.

All this fits neatly in line with Amazon’s plans to overthrow Apple’s Virtual Assistant Siri with its own Alexa. From playing music to helping you cook the perfect meal and now apparently helping people dress, the VA is becoming a staple of peoples’ daily lives everywhere.

The reason for the device’s success, apparently, is the fact that the more information and data you feed into the program, the better it becomes at actually giving you a practical and realistic answer.

This is the same mechanism that is at work behind the newly launched ‘Style Check’ service by Amazon as well. According to their website, users submit two full-length articles via Amazon Echo and then receive a recommendation that is becoming “smarter” due to the users’ feedback and fashion experts’ advice and input being inserted into the application on a daily basis.

If successful, this application could mean a lot for the online shopping fashion industry. For one, it could help Amazon collect some very meaningful data about what sort of outfits its customers prefer. For another, it could help online retailers benefit from this information to help give people what they want.

Amazon has big hopes for its newly launched application. The tech giant also says that it plans to keep on adding to the app until it is ready for the very-much-anticipated sci-fi theory of augmented reality where people can visualize themselves in clothes before they actually make a purchase online. What more does the future have in store for us? Only time will tell but make sure you stay tuned to PakWired to know the happenings as they happen!

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