Android’s Founder Launching A New Smartphone Under The Label of ‘Essential’

The founder of Android, Andy Rubin, is in process of launching a new smartphone which is going to be shaped under his inexperienced company known as Essential. Moreover, the chairman of Alphabet, Eric Schmidt, has also confirmed the development by stating that the smartphone is going to be introduced ‘very soon’.

Alphabet’s chairman publicized the news this week, when he tweeted:

“Phenomenal new choices for Android users coming very soon”

It is noteworthy that Eric tweeted about the development on the same day Samsung launched its new chief smartphone i.e. Galaxy S8. The chairman did not speak anything about Samsung’s new smartphone at all. If not intentional, this could well be a very interesting co-incidence.

He did make up for not noticing S8 earlier, by making a statement a day later, though.

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About Essential’s Smartphone

Not too many people know about the upcoming Essential’s smartphone. Nor do we have any confirmed word since it is currently in the development stage. However, Andy Rubin did give a teaser about the device in an image which was posted to Twitter earlier this week. This is when the world got to see the first sight of the still-anonymous phone. One thing which was clear was that the smartphone will have an apparent edge-to-edge display. Additionally, the phone will run Android for its operating system.

At the moment, Essential is currently operating in craftiness mode. However, there are reports that it has at least 40 full-time employees which also includes top executives from tech giants like Apple and HTC.

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There is no word as when the smartphone will officially be launched. It remains to be seen whether Andy Rubin’s new smartphone through Essential will become a hit in the future.

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