APICTA 2016 Awards – P@sha’s 19 Teams Represent Pakistan

APICTA – Asia Pacific ICT Alliance provides the platform to catalyze and recognize indigenous Information and Communications Technology (ICT) innovations and stimulates economic & workforce development, trade relations & technology collaboration in the Asia Pacific region. It is an alliance of national ICT organisations representing their respective economy and epitomizes the mutual collaboration of economies coming together and working to further recognize this important phenomenon.

The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) is an international awards program that aims to increase ICT awareness in the community and provide networking and product bench-marking opportunities to ICT innovators and entrepreneurs in the region. It was founded in 2001 by 3 initiators APICTA Australia, Malaysia Super Corridor Initiative and ASPILUKI (The Indonesia Telematics Software Association) of Indonesia. Now in their 16th year, the event not only recognizes innovation and creativity in the IT sector but is also a global platform for new business opportunities and exposure to venture capitalists and investors.

The Awards ceremony invites applications from 17 member-economies, including Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, China, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal and Pakistan. Participants of the awards program are guided by the Framework of Cooperation identifying how member-economies can work together in support of the Awards Program as well as other programs that foster development and growth of the ICT industry in the region.

28 teams from Pakistan will be competing against the 267 teams from 17 economies across the Asia Pacific from Dec 2-5, 2016. In its relentless pursuit to bring innovation by Pakistani IT companies to the forefront, Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) has taken a delegation of 41 people to Taipei for the 16th annual APICTA Awards. This delegation includes, among others, 19 teams who graduated from the P@SHA Tech Incubator, The Nest i/o. Participants representing Pakistan were winners and runners-up at P@SHA’s flagship ICT Awards Program 2016, and are showcasing unique and innovative products in all the 17 Award categories.

Here are the companies who were declared winners or runners up at the P@SHA ICT Awards 2016 and will be pitching their products at APICTA 2016 in Taipei:


Elixir Technologies – Tango+

Tango+ is a 100% browser-based content lifecycle management platform that enables companies to create, manage and deliver business-critical contracts, correspondence, and other communications via print and e-channels.  |

Elixir Technologies are competing in the ‘Applications and Tools Platforms’ Category. This award is presented to the most innovative nomination for an ICT solution that provides tools for the management or creation of hardware or software infrastructure.


Pakistan Data Management Services – Easy Urdu Keyboard
Easy Urdu Keyboard is an app that lets the user write in Urdu on any messaging or writing app. It also has an English keyboard that lets you switch the writing language on Android smartphones.   |

Pakistan Data Management Services is competing in the ‘Communications’ Category. The Communication award is presented to the most innovative ICT solution supporting or providing any form of communication service.


Simobo – TouchReading
TouchReading® is a unique interactive e-learning tool where readers can read and listen to the books at the same time, i.e. any word they touch, they will be able to listen to the sound and pronunciation of that word.  |

Simobo is competing in the ‘e-learning’ Category for their product TouchReading. The e-Learning award recognizes the most successful and innovative application of ICT to the delivery of education and training.


UBL Fund Managers – imPro
imPro is an integrated blend of technological innovation and business process re-engineering efforts that improves business efficiency while sustaining it with automation, integration and customer empowerment.  |

Infotech (Pvt.) Limited – Marlin
Marlin, an extension of Capizar® suite, is a managed financial service that fully supports cloud infrastructure to offer quality results at flexible ‘Pay per Go ‘licensing model and eliminates excessive technical requirements in terms of hardware infrastructure, technical staff & periodic update.   |

Both Infotech and UBL Fund Managers will be showcasing their respective products in the ‘Financial Applications’ category of the P@SHA ICT Awards. Every year, this award is presented to the most innovative ICT solution offered to the financial industry.


RAR MultiBiz Services (Pvt.) Ltd – Monitoring, Evaluation and Staff Mobilization
M&E application is a portal for higher management to assess and evaluate workers and any development in providing services. Administration can review generated reports and assess the status of assignments allotted.   |

RAR Multibiz Services is representing Team Pakistan in the ‘Government & Public Sector’ Category. The Government & Public Sector award is presented for outstanding ICT innovation dedicated to delivering improved government and public sector service delivery or other electronic initiatives to the community.


Morango Films – Minute Story
Minute Story is a video making app designed to edit videos in a convenient and time-saving manner. These videos can then be shared on various social media platforms.   |

PublishRR – Bramerz
PublishRR is a fully managed content management and monetization suite developed especially for digital properties of Newspapers, TV Channels, Magazines and Radio Channels.  |

Morango Films and PublishRR are competing for an APICTA awards in the ‘Media and Entertainment’ Category. The Media and Entertainment Technology award is presented to the best ICT innovation delivering superior outcomes in the media and entertainment industries.


NUST College of EME with collaborating units CASE, AFIO and Biomisa – Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography Image for CDSS
The product offers the capabilities of a self-diagnosis system to auto diagnosis of different complications of macular and ocular pathology. The objective is to prevent sudden blindness or vision loss by providing an easy to access service to remote area patients all over Pakistan.,   |

NUST College of EME with collaborating units CASE, AFIO and Biomisa is competing in the ‘research and development’ category, an award that recognizes the most outstanding contribution to the research and development sector made by an ICT innovation.


Abacus Consulting – Antlere
Antlere is a customer loyalty driven cloud solution totally built on responsive architecture to help business cultivate loyalty across their customer base.& across a range of devices including tablets and mobile phones.   |

Bramerz Private Limited – Fishry
Fishry is based on the SaaS (software as a service) model with a twist – the customer signs up, and they deliver. It is a completely managed e-commerce solution for all the customer’s online needs.  |

Antlere and Fishry will represent Pakistan together with The Nest i/o startup MandiExpress in the Retail & Supply Chain Management category. This award is presented to the most innovative nomination for an ICT solution that enhances retail and supply chain related activities.



Sheops is the first online marketplace for women in the world, showcasing products by women entrepreneurs, women-owned businesses and women-oriented brands.   |


Trillium Information Security Systems in research collaboration with the ASERG Lab at COMSATS Islamabad – T-Eye Platform
T-Eye provides an insight into the threat landscape specific to an organization. It is capable of hosting different types of emulation services that are designed as decoy systems for attackers to interact with.   |

T-Eye Platform is competing in the ‘Security’ category, an award that recognizes the most outstanding contribution to the security industry made by an ICT innovation.

Empowering Youngsters from the P@SHA Platform

Apart from seasoned professionals, youngsters working on school and university level projects will also be going head to head with young innovators from the 17 economies participating in APICTA this year. Here are Pakistan’s nominees for the School Project and Tertiary Student Project categories:


Two youngsters are Pakistan’s nominees for School Project category. This award is presented to the most outstanding ICT project undertaken by a student or a group of students.

Billion Book Exchange
The BBE platform is a mobile app that lets people donate their books to the underprivileged. Not only will the donors be doing a service to society, they will also earn points for each book that they will donate. The goal is to have 1 billion book exchanges in 7 years.

FAQ Chatbot
By using the FAQ chat bot, support services will be available at all times, increasing the effectiveness of customer support. Due to 24/7 support customers will be more attracted to a site that is able to help them at every end.


This award recognizes the most outstanding project undertaken by a tertiary (undergraduate) student or a group of students and three teams from Pakistan are competing for an award in this category this year.

NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering – Clinical Decision Support System for Diagnosis of Movement Disorders
This product is an integration of hardware and software that accurately collects data samples from patient’s hand tremors and analyzes it to give doctors support in their clinical decision making.   |

NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering – Intelligent Video Based Solution for Retailers’ Resource Management
The project is a video analytics based product for retail environments that focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction, improving sales and making the retailer’s resource management efficient.  |

National University of Science & Technology (NUST)  – Sionser
Sionser is a portable device with android application interface to measure, store and transmit accurate concentrations of toxic contaminants (Arsenic, Nitrates etc.) spontaneously in drinking water, providing a check and report mechanism of its safety for human consumption to concerned authorities.   |
From the team at PakWired, we extend our best wishes to P@sha teams representing Pakistan at the 16th annual APICTA Awards.

Featured image: APICTA 2015 / P@sha

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