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Art from PakistanArt from Pakistan

Social media and the internet is said to have democratized business – breaking the usual barriers of entry to start up businesses and ventures. If you have the talent and the right idea, you no longer need to invest in a brick and mortar outlet to display your work to prospective clients or break in to the exhibition/trade show market – all you need is a social media page/website, good content and quality work. It can be argued though that the recent changes in Facebook’s policies have put an end to the free social media marketing era, but that doesn’t stop things from going viral or catching the attention of viewers for the quality of the work.

This article features a range of Pakistani artists using these platforms to display their art – working in jewelry, digital art, illustrations, painting, animation and content. For some pursuing their creativity has become their full time commitment and for others it is an outlet outside the 9-5 routine. This is not an exhaustive list and if you are or know someone who does similar work, please leave a comment.

1. The CariCature Shop

No need to go sit in front of an artist in a touristy town to get a quick caricature done – this extremely talented digital artist (Ramish Safa) converts your photos into caricatures on demand. This in-demand service is a great way to get a personalized present for your loved ones or get something for yourself.

The product line doesn’t end with the caricatures, the artist also makes mugs with original designs on them. A case in point were the Game of Thrones series of mugs, which featured depictions of characters from the hit HBO TV show with a quip in Urdu to add a local touch. The content is catchy, the artwork is original and rightfully, demand is high.

2. K for Karachi

The description on their Facebook page says it all: “Handmade pure silver jewelry with Karachi immortalized inside…” This business offers ear rings, necklaces and cuff links with a twist – the main part of each piece has a photo/emblem from various parts of Karachi designed inside it. One necklace goes as far as having a rectangular pendant with a panoramic photo but most of the designs work with the round/oval shaped center pieces.

The design makes these pieces of jewelry special and unique, as presents or souvenirs from the city. Khuala Jamil (founder) found overnight success at this venture, and was originally inspired by an artist who did something similar with photos of New York. The distribution is not limited to the internet – their collection is also available at Dolmen Mall Clifton.

3. Omar G Arts

This exceptionally talented freelance digital artist and illustrator is up for working on your next project – if it’s artistically inspiring. Working a full-time job has limited this artist’s capability to pursue this creative endeavor full time but his work shows promise for greatness. His portfolio of work ranges from fan art of famous Hollywood characters to a series of depictions of a young girl with a red balloon walking around the world. You can also see his work here, don’t forget to give him a shout out of appreciation.

4. DarthMoga

This artist dabbles in another genre – animation and comics. This takes creativity to a new level, bringing ideas to life with outstanding artwork. Sample of work includes image reconstruction, rendering of popular comic book characters and original designs. The Facebook page is there to display his talent and creativity, which he does a splendid job at.

5. Artistry by Sara Abid

And finally, something more traditional in the realms of art: oil and paint. Sara Abid claims to be a self-taught artist, selling her work to art collectors around the world and donating 100% of her earnings to charity. Working with various themes for different collections, such as the “Reflections Series”, Turkish Darvesh themed work and a collection titled “His Gaze”, Sara’s work is though-provoking and visually pleasing. In addition to selling her work on her website, she has displayed her work around the world

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