Start-up Update with Rumaisa Mughal, CEO of Artboard

Differentiation is key and its what Rumaisa Mughal intends to do with her own design firm. was formed last year to help brands stand out and communicate their message in a visually appealing manner. We sat down with Rumaisa to learn about the ups and downs of 2014 and the road ahead.

How did you land the first customer?

Referral from a friend.

What did you do in the first 30 days after launching?

Being a designer, initially I was actually working on the projects myself, as well as managing the projects, coordinating with clients, handling the marketing, accounts, team-hunting and so much more. It was a crazy time but a great learning experience.

Why will your firm beat similar competitors?

Artboard has a very different model from how traditional business are run. It is built on the foundation of promoting remote work and eliminating geographical boundaries, because talent especially, should not have regional limitations. Our team is entirely remote, and that is what the true essence of Artboard is. We are now working to create an automated platform to streamline our processes, which will also differentiate us from our competitors.

Why was it important to attend the program at Draper?

Draper helped both Artboard and myself, professionally and personally. It not only provided basics about business, team building, law, finance, etc. but more than that it encouraged us to try new things and not be afraid of failing, come out of the comfort zone and think bigger.
Not to mention, being around 30 inspiring students from 15 different countries, helped identify and appreciate each other, and learn to work together in a team despite our many differences.

What did they teach you that is immediately applicable and has worked?

The mindset, that the Draper Superhero Oath instilled in us, which we recited every day. A part of it goes like this:

I will promote freedom at all costs.
I will fail and fail again until I succeed.
I will explore the world with gusto and enthusiasm!
I will treat people well. I will keep my word.
I will pursue fairness, openness, health and fun with all that I encounter.

Mostly fun!

What do you do when you’re not working?

I’m a huge anime fanatic! Anime is not only my source of constant inspiration but also a happy place I turn to, when I need a break from the real world. I also love to read both fiction and non-fiction books.

Who inspires you from the local scene?

A lot of people! Pakistan is full of amazing, inspiring people. Though to name one, I’d say Kalsoom Lakhani, the Founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate.

How will you market and grow the business in 2015?

Our marketing has honestly lacked a lot in 2014, but we aim to give this section its due focus by allotting dedicated professionals and working more towards user engagement and customer acquisition.

Thank you for your time Rumaisa, we wish you all the best for 2015

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