Business Email Templates To +1 Your Networking Skills

Emails are professional. Period.

So, there is no second thought about the fact that emails are the MOST widely used communication medium the .com era has ever witnessed. On an average, people read and compose at least 50-60 emails per day. Whether it’s an organization’s internal announcement, or a press release pitch to a big-shot journalist, we all use email as the foremost option to get connected with someone.

Badly written and unclear emails usually find their place in the junk folder and not only they leave a bad taste but affect your productivity as well. On the other side, a poorly written email makes the sender look very unprofessional.

What’s the solution? To get the best out of email communication, we’ve drafted some email templates that will help you get the job done in a professional way. These business email templates will allow you to format and customize your email texts before you hit send.

Email Marketing Templates

Email designing is tough especially when you are not sure where or how to start. Whatever the case, always make sure your emails are properly constructed and easy to read. Emails use different kinds of templates, which all depend on your layouts, your niche of business and the kind of message you are sending out.

Below are some examples of email templates that will get you noticed, in a good way.

The Get-to-Know-You-Template

Hi Mary,

I came upon your blog a month ago, and everything you wrote about losing weight was impressive. The details you put down were inspiring and I loved how you motivate your readers to do what is best for them without using too much cost. The reader comments were very encouraging and I loved to see so many people responding positively towards the topic. Who would have thought that so many people are so desperate to lose weight?

I loved your communication skills. I hope to achieve the same results with my blog, which is about a similar product. Thank you!

Best regards,

Reason why this template works

Anyone reading it can tell that the writer is very sincere, personal and uses emotional language. It is short and precise, as it does not ask for anything.

Bonus Tip: Personalize your emails. Do not make your emails look so formal because doing that will most likely not get you back any response. Address your customer by name instead of addressing as “Sir” or “Madam”.

Double Bonus: If personalization seems too much work – especially for mass emails – try automating the process, or even outsourcing to a virtual assistant.

The Ask Template

Hi Mary,

It has been a great privilege reading your losing weight program and about your experience of losing weight. From you, I have learned many things about weight loss.

I am doing the best I can to engage more readers to my page and this is all due to the inspiration you have given me. If you do not mind, I would really love to meet you and talk more on the subject. I remember you telling me that you stay just across the town. Could we meet at Noni’s on Friday afternoon, if it is okay with you? If you will be busy, we can arrange for another day or continue with the discussion in email.

Best regards,

Reason why this template works

The above email clearly demonstrates that there is an existing relationship between Mary and June and gives Mary the option to say no to the invite but from the way the email style, she will most probably say yes. There is a call to action line, which makes it stronger.

Bonus Tip: Keep the email as short as possible. You are not writing a novel, so keep it short and crisp. A well crafted email should have between 75 to 100 words. People get bored of reading long stories. Don’t you?

The Follow-Up Template

Hi Mary,

I wrote to you about a week ago to see if we could meet to talk about your blog post. I am still waiting to hear from you and hoping all is okay with you.

Could you kindly suggest a place or a day that is convenient for you? If you are still very busy, I do not mind if you would still rather do the discussion in email.

Best regards,

Reason why this template works

It is brief with an earnestness that will grab the attention immediately and will also increase the response chances.

Bonus Tip: Be clear. If you are asking for a certain information from your client, be clear, confident and to the point. Ask for whatever it is alone without clouding your email with lots of other unnecessary mumbo jumbo.

The Thank-You Template

Hi Mary,

I cannot thank you enough for the meeting. Everything was so good, but talking with you was greater. You had me going and I am already working on my content.

Kindly, let us not lose touch. I have sent you a friend request on Facebook, which I hope you will confirm. Once my page is up and running, we can team up and do a post together.

See you soon,

Reason why this template works

It shows appreciation and the impact Mary’s contributions mean to June. It also sets the ball rolling for future collaboration.

Bonus Tip: Be human. This means you show some emotion when writing that email. Instead of writing a sentence like this, “would you want to see the new list of products any day this week?” Frame it like this, “We have new products just arrived and I would love it if you could make time to come and see the list when you are not busy”. This will surely get you more responses than the one when sounding emotionless and flat.

Final Word

There are many different kinds of email templates in the market. What matters the most is the structure of the templates and the key elements in it. You can spin your templates any way you want to come up with sensible content. Adapting your own templates for your particular audience is an art in itself and a top selling point.

One Final Bonus before you leave:

Do not forget to warm up. Do not ever start your first email to your client by jumping in and asking for what you need right away. First send some greetings, ask how they are and ask whatever it is you want to ask in your following email.

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