Freelancing 101

Freelancing 101: How to Automate and Outsource the Most Boring Aspects of Your Freelance Business

Freelancing is a great career choice for people who get bored at traditional employers. However, there are still dull aspects of running a freelancing business. Here’s how to automate and outsource that stuff like a productive ninja.

Document everything.

The best systems can’t help you without documentation. As you grow as a freelancer, create policy and procedure documents that describe the most important parts of running your freelancing business. That could include applying for work on websites like Problogger or Upwork, sending cold emails to potential clients, and creating a blog or website. Later, you’ll be able to clone yourself by outsourcing these tasks to virtual assistants who charge a surprisingly low fee. Hint: VA’s from the Philippines do the best work in my experience. Here’s some information about how to hire one and lead them well, plus the costs involved.

Hire minions (VA’s) as needed.

What’s the point of doing everything yourself? That’s a trick question, because there isn’t one. Outsourcing trivial tasks that require no thought process is in your best interest. Filipino virtual assistants only cost about $3 per hour. It’d be foolish to not capitalize on that opportunity. Don’t feel bad for paying such a low rate. The cost of living is much lower in their homeland and they need employers like you to provide for their families. In reality, you’re not taking advantage of them (especially if you pay above the average rate). You’re doing them a favor! However, there will be communication barriers, which is why you need highly specific policy and procedure documents. Also: make sure virtual assistants understand not to begin a task before they grasp how to do it. You’ll save lots of trouble!

Create and use template letters.

Here’s an example of a template letter I use to pitch new clients. There are several things to notice about this letter. First, it’s not self-absorbed. It is laser-focused on what can do for the client (not what they can do for me). I only share a small amount of details about myself. They include popular websites, magazines, and television shows my work and my clients’ work has been featured in. I also mention my amount of readers and share count since this provides me with an authoritative, expert image. Clients will be more likely to hire you when they’re assured of the fact that you know what you’re doing. Prove yourself or you won’t have a chance of being hired. Brutal, but true! Note: I can hire a virtual assistant to copy, paste, tweak, and send these emails on my behalf to be more efficient.

Learn to think like an entrepreneur.

Most freelancers are too complacent about their business. They just apply for a job or two on a freelancing website and call it a day. Lazy! It’s better to build systems that will attract clients to you while you’re asleep. That’s why my Pakwired author bio includes links to my website, which is built for the specific purpose of capturing leads and converting them into paying clients. The more guest articles I write here and elsewhere, the more wealth I will attract into my life. You must give before you receive. Entrepreneurs understand this concept. Sadly, most freelancers don’t. Be one of the few and proud entrepreneurial freelancers who thinks outside of the box. Your business will explode when you do!

Get 1% better at something every day.

In Choose Yourself, James Altucher preaches the gospel of continuous improvement. He encourages his readers to improve their mental, physical, spiritual, or financial health by 1% every day. This is the best way to grow as a person. Your business is a reflection of you. And if your personal life is a mess, your freelancing business will reflect that. There’s no escaping this reality. You must develop yourself before your business will become truly successful. Who’s going to hire a writer, photographer, or web designer who can’t be bothered to sharpen their craft? Nobody. The second you stop growing, your business will cease to be a success. Let go of your ego. Become a constant student.


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